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Skincare 101: Confessions of a Skincare Addict

Updated on October 7, 2015

Skincare 101

Hello. My name is Rebecca, I have been addicted to skincare since the age of 18. I cannot resist the urge to cleanse, tone, and moisturize in both AM and PM. I am deeply addicted to the radiating glow of skin when it lacks exposure to harmful chemicals, utterly dependent on my lack of pizza face, and feverishly hooked on the knowledge of what many popular products contain and the effects they produce.

Now that we understand one another – I’ll begin by saying that you don’t have to be on Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills to have glowing, gorgeous skin and that you do not have to spend a trillion dollars on high priced creams that appear on the front of your magazine either. On that note, it is extremely expensive to advertise with these high end fashion mags, meaning that the price of the product is aggressively hiked up (regardless of the product content or effect) to be able to churn a profit in light of such expensive PR efforts!! (but I digress..)

The key to keeping your baby soft skin as lovely and youthful as possible is to devote time to taking care of it, and to making yourself knowledgeable about the actual ingredients in whatever you are choosing to slathering over yourself every day.

The Ugly

The sad truth is that many of the products I had been using up until my recent enlightenment are chalk full crap! Definition of crap: useless additives to pump up the volume of the product, strange preservatives to keep the shelf lives long, and strong alcohols to keep our skin unnaturally dependent on the products we use.

And people.. I am not conspiracy theorist, I just believe that many of the main beauty companies in the industry do not really care if you are “easy, breezy, beautiful” – they would rather you be, “uninformed, gullible, saggy” – because then you will keep coming back.

Please watch out for these ingredients on your label!!


Parabens & Phthalates


Color Pigments

Isopropyl Alcohol

Mineral Oil

Propylene Glycol



You might be like.. “well these are all long words and nobody can understand them and they sound kindve scientific so they must be ok” but nope! That is how the money suckers want you to think! (too harsh?)

Mineral Oil.. just one of the nasty every day products that we'll reveal to you in future hubs.

The Good

I love documentaries because they inform and make you think differently and are made by passionate people, BUT, they so often leave you hanging at the end with no answer to the problems they present.. such a downer. That is not what’s going to happen here – I want my fellow skincare sistahs out there to know that they are beautiful and intelligent and are smarter than the beauty industry! It is actually more fun and feels more fulfilling when you believe in the products you use every day and are knowledgeable about the effects they produce in your body and skin.

Please follow up on all my posts to learn all about ingredients, regimens, items in the market that are awesome and effective, and products that just aren’t. You won’t be sorry and pretty soon you’ll be an addict like me.


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