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Contemporary Area Rugs

Updated on September 3, 2010

 Contemporary Area Rugs are a great way to compliment any home weather it be the dining or lounge area. But just like any other area rug it may be in need of a good old fashion clean to bring back that original color and look, just like the day you brought it. Modern contemporary area rugs are  machine made these days as opposed to quality hand crafted area rugs. Large contemporary area are great for houses with open space,and plenty of room. You will find many whole sellers selling cheap contemporary area rugs for next to nothing, obviously it is not genuine quality.

There are many designs one can choose from such as contemporary round area rugs, or a more designer feel such as contemporary shag area rugs, perfect for the lounge. Or contemporary wool area rugs would be ideal for a beach house or outdoor cabin. Amazon sells discount contemporary area rugs at low prices, you may need to check first to see if the item is new or refurbished.

How to clean your area rug

But let us first touch on a few less expensive methods you can use to clean your contemporary area rug. As well as area rugs all material made from wool fabric will need a thorough clean every so often. Some of these solutions you can find in your own home, as we will touch on in this Hub. As mentioned area rugs need just as much attention to maintain, as dust, as well as dust mites will form which can lead to health issues such as allergies if not kept in reasonable condition. Below are a few cost effective ways you can maintain your area rug, and most of the items you can find around the home.

Vacuum your rug regularly to avoid the build up of dirt and dust , do this thoroughly if you have pets to insure a clean rug daily. You must attended to any spills that will occur on you area rug before the stain sets in. A good home remedy for this is a mixture of warm water and white vinegar, rub some of this into the stained area, let is set, and wipe with clean rags. There is also anther advantage to using water and vinegar and that is the elimination of odors. The chemical compounds found in vinegar will eliminate any unfortunate accidents caused by pets and humans.

Using soda

 Another item you may have in your cupboard is soda!.. soda is well known for it's cleaning properties and like vinegar can also take care of those nasty smells. Here is something simple you can do to get rid of those odors in your rug. Assuming you do have some soda powder available, sprinkle this evenly over the rug making sure not to miss any part of the rug. Once you have given the rug a lite coating   of soda powder, and let it set for at least 24 hours, or over night. The soda itself will draw out any smells from the rug during the setting period. After this time simply vacuum the next morning sucking up all the soda powder which is now saturated with all that odor. It may pay you to wash you vacuum cover after wards as this will have the smell of odor as well. To remove the more stubborn dirt  smeared into the rug from foot ware,  ad some bleach to one cup of white vinegar in a bucket with 2 parts warm water. with a strong bristled brush , brush into the smudge mark a good amount of the mixture, and have cleans rags to wipe your rug surface clean.


Soaking the rug

Never over saturate the rug with too much water just enough to work on the stain will be significant. If you use excessive water you cause the growth of mold forming on your rug. every time you clean your rug ,pick a day that you know is going to be fine in terms of fine weather. You don't want to clean your rug only to find out that it's raining cat's and dog's. If the weather does turn on you , place rug in a room , open windows for air flow and try to have the rug off the ground to allow air to flow and reach underneath the rug for quicker drying. For extra care set a date to have your rug steam cleaned this will be every 6 months, as steam cleaning will definitely get rid of all smells and nasty microscopic creatures. The key is to keep on top of your daily , or monthly cleaning schedule and not to allow your contemporary Area rug to be neglected.


contemporary rugs


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