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Control Those Smelly Shoes

Updated on December 27, 2017

The Cause

Foot odor in shoes is caused by microscopic organisms that connect with the sweat that our feet discharge,regardless of whether your feet and shoes are washed the smells don't leave totally. These microscopic organisms, as a rule dwell in our socks and shoes. The more sweat created by the legs, the microorganisms will progressively breed because of sweat is a provider for microscopic organisms. Warm and clammy conditions inside the shoe are ideal for microscopic organisms to develop and deliver unpleasant scents. Be that as it may, if the smell in the shoes is extreme and exceptionally aggravating, you can deal with it in the accompanying way:

Use Coffee

Make sure the shoes are clean and dry.Wrap the coffee in tissue paper and insert it into the shoe.Let it sit overnight.

Use Newspapers

In the event that you have newspaper at home, it shouldn't be discarded instantly. Since this old paper can be utilized to expel scent from shoes. Fill the whole space within the shoe. Wrap the outside of the shoe firmly and flawlessly utilizing the paper. Finally, keep the shoe that has been wrapped in a somewhat chilly place overnight or longer until the point when the smell on the shoes transfers to the paper

Use Teabags

The best part of this is you can make the tea and drink it, using the used tea bag, or you can use afresh one. If you recycle a teabag, make sure to dry it out first.

Use Baking Powder

Don't panic, we aren't cooking the shoe. Just sprinkle some inside the shoe and let it sit for awhile. You already use baking powder for refrigerator orders, why not shoes?

Use Citrus Peels

Another simple method. Just put the peels in the shoes and let them sit overnight


There are preventive things you can do to control foot odor.

Rotate yoiur shoes. Don't wear the same ones for hours every day.

Don't wear socks more then one day.

Select socks made of cotton.Cotton helps your feet breathe.

Don't store your socks in your shoes.

Keep your shoes in a dry place


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