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Converse Chucks - walk the walk, talk the talk

Updated on November 15, 2011

What screams rock star better than an old, worn pair of Converse All Stars?

Popularly called Chucks, they were first promoted as a sports shoe. After huge success in that area, especially basketball (say “thank you Chuck Taylor!”), and with several modifications in the initial design, they were embraced by the rockabilly crowd and became poster shoes for numerous music styles that followed.

Ramones were the first punk stars that laced their feet with Chucks. Nirvana’s fascination with them secured a permanent spot for them in the grunge community,  Johnny Knoxville added a touch of daredevilness to them, indie rock folks present on the scene now, wear them almost all the time.

Today, no matter if they are low cut, oxford style high top or knee high; classic black&white, yellow, pink or printed; leather, denim or suede, they brand those who wear them.

Look closely next time you see a Chucks fan. The style, color and condition of their All Stars will tell you everything you need to know about them. The shoe will show you whether this person is a strong and opinionated individual, alternative, active, drummer, lazy-bum, trend crazed fashionista, punk, etc.

No matter what subculture you belong to, you’ll want to have at least one pair in your closet. Below are some of my all time Chuck favorites.


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    • profile image

      converse shoes 7 years ago

      This is so right!!!

      When I think Converse the first thing I think of is Kurt Cobain!!!!

      The thing is Converse has thousands of different styles now with hundreds of completely different kinds of celebrity's backing them!!!

      I just think thier plain AWESOME