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Cool Halloween Scrubs

Updated on October 21, 2012

I really, really miss Halloween. It was my favorite holiday when I was a kid (next to Christmas, obviously) and it just isn't something people celebrate over here where I live. Of course, it's not something most hospitals go all out for, either. I was one of the few people on my unit who dressed for Halloween, and it was hard to get other people to play along. Fortunately, today you can dress the part without breaking any rules. Just go get you a pair of Halloween scrubs, and you're all set. Whether you work with kids or adults, a Halloween scrub top is sure to be noticed, appreciated and commented on. So go on, make someone smile! God knows hospitals need more of that! Take a look at the following Halloween scrubs, and don't forget to check out the links on the right for other scrubs you're sure to love as well.

White Swan's Scary Night

Mmmkay, before I recommend this one, I just want to point out that a few of those ghosts look an awful lot like condoms. Really; take a closer look. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But, well, you know.. some of your colleagues might tease you. (I know I would.) But that doesn't mean it isn't cute and fashionable! And the kids aren't going to notice, so don't worry -- wear this one and be festive!

Cherokee Sesame Street Magic

This is one of the coolest scrub tops I have ever seen, and I was never even a big Sesame Street fan. If you work with kids, this Halloween scrub top is for you. And them. Cos they will be smiling as soon as they see it. Notice it's a mock wrap shirt, so you can be fashionably sexy whilst being hip and cool. Try it, you'll like it. And so will your patients.

Cherokee Simpsons' Halloween

I am not really a big a fan of the Simpsons, but lots of other people are, so I'm sure you'd do well with this Cherokee Halloween scrub top. I like the fact that it's purple -- who says Halloween has to be black and orange, anyway? I'm not really sure why the theme of this seems to be in the clouds, but, eh, who cares? It looks pretty and that's all that matters, right?

Cherokee Boo Who Scrubs

This is a fab Halloween scrub top for male nurses, male techs, or any female who wants to look butch. No..... I'm just kidding about that last part. (Sure I am.) It's definitely Halloweeny, isn't it? Creepy, ghostly, and whatever else Halloween is supposed to make you feel. You can't go wrong with Cherokee, anyway.

Cherokee Chills and Thrills Top

At first glance I thought this was candy corn. It's not. It's just patches and patches of Halloween-themed stuff, but that doesn't mean it isn't nifty. I like the colors, I like the pattern, I like the brand. This is a great top for men or women, and it would be appropriate on any floor. What's not to love?


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