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Cool Options For Medium Length Hair Styles

Updated on May 5, 2012

The summer heat often makes you dread the length of your hair, and yet the propriety makes you avoid cutting it too short. Thus, a majority of girls who treasure their looks choose from a wide choice of medium length hair styles. It is a great way to let your hair dominate the proceedings, and yet not lessen the effects of your charming face. By following some pleasant ideas, you can make your hairstyle add value to your looks.

What To Look For In Medium Length Hair Styles?

Firstly, you have to assess your hair type before going for medium length hair styles 2011. Your hair may be frizzy, wavy, straight or curly. These will all call for different hair styles. If your hair is often tempted to pick up oil from your face, it is safe to tie it in a bun or pin it backwards. If it tends to stand up like porcupine stings, you have to go for curls. Grow your hair full length to analyze the actual potential of your hair.

Some Brilliant Ideas For Medium Length Hair Styles

Here are some astounding options for medium length hair styles:

1. The updo – It works best with a blonde or brunette hue. Just comb your hair in an upward turn, so that the weight spills around the backside. Revert to Marilyn Monroe hairstyle for better understanding.

2. The waves – You can just let the tresses fall down silkily around the edges of your face. The fringed cut; one-side sweep or the crumpled curls at the downside; all fall in this category.

3. The bob or flapper – In this style, the hair forms a symmetrical cover around your head, stopping at the cheeks. It generally ends up at the mid-neck.

4. Blow-waved hair – This works well with girls who have a thick volume of hair. The possession can be given various renditions by just a hair-blow.

5. The bangs – Just as your waves fall on the sides, the bangs give your front necessary élan. You can either keep it swept away above your brows, or settle in strings. Subtle layering is another prompt idea.

6. The layers – You can go for partial layers or double-tone it. This is also a brilliant idea with thick hair, and looks awkward when volume is deficient.

7. The shag – Even shaggy hair can appear fulsome, if the cursory strands are given perfect allowance to deviate.

8. The medium-curls – You can let the curls emerge a winner, meanwhile tousling the ends. This gives your hair a voluminous and shiny appearance.

An Innovative Medium Length Hairstyle

Although medium length hair styles offer splendid amount of choices, there is one or two that obviously takes the cake. One such choice is to keep one side of your wavy hair pinned backwards, while letting the other end fall over your face. This is a dropout-gorgeous look for those who can carry it and its essence gains value with the freshness and thickness of tresses. You can add a glittering earring for additional effect.


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