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Cool Sunglasses Collection

Updated on October 20, 2016

Editors of Cool Things Collection bring you cool sunglasses or 'shades' that will help you stand out of the crowd - featuring concept glasses, tips for choosing the right sunglasses, cool sunglasses designs and famous celebrities wearing sunglasses.

Bit of history first, in the early 1900s, the use of sunglasses started to become more widespread, especially among stars of movies. It is commonly believed that this was to avoid recognition by fans, but an alternative reason sometimes given is that they often had red eyes from the powerful arc lamps that were needed due to the extremely slow speed film stocks used.

The stereotype persisted long after improvements in film quality and the introduction of ultraviolet filters had eliminated this problem. Inexpensive mass-produced sunglasses were introduced to America by Sam Foster in 1929. Foster found a ready market on the beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey, where he began selling sunglasses under the name Foster Grant from a Woolworth on the Boardwalk.

Cool Solar Sunglasses

While we have solar-powered windows already, it makes perfect sense to toy with the idea further by coming up with the Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses - or SIG for short. This pair of glasses feature lenses made of dye solar cells that are able to collect energy throughout the day, turning them into electricity to power your myriad of portable devices including cell phones, portable media players and the ilk.

According to designers Hyun-Joong Kim & Kwang-Seok Jeong, the dye solar cell used will be cheap organic dye used with nano technology providing cheap but high energy efficiency.

Solar Sunglasses - Charge your iPhone etc
Solar Sunglasses - Charge your iPhone etc

Cool Concept Sunglasses - Nike Hindsight

These concept sketches for the Nike Hindsight, specially design biking sunglasses with specifically tuned Fresnel lenses for keeping an eye on approaching taxis/cars/baby strollers.

Nike Hindsight is, put simply, like giving bicyclists a pair of bifocals for their peripheral vision. By using Fresnel lenses on the sides of eye wear, riders can detect motion in a field of view beyond the normal human limit of 180º. To get technical, high power, diverging Fresnel zones aligned vertically distort into view an extra 25º of view on either side. In doing this, vision is radically distorted in the periphery, but as the eye detects only motion in that area, little clarity is lost in the process.

A rider’s clear benefit is in the early warning of approaching vehicles, but a less obvious advantage is reducing the necessary head rotation to check completely behind oneself. Moreover, while the project was directed towards bicycling for the sake of simplicity, there’s a myriad of sports and activities where a greater field of view becomes an advantage, so feel free to speculate.

Sunglasses Tips

Ever since sunglasses hit the high street fashion shops in the late 1920s, they have been an essential fashion accessory for millions. Wearing a pair of cool sunglasses that emphasize the face is as important for some as having a pair of designer shoes or handbag. Celebrities nowadays are photographed with only the best sunglasses on and of course, many like to dress like their icons. What's great is that with a few simple tips, you'll be able to find a pair of sunglasses that will suit your face and make you look as cool as your idols.

There are some essential things you have to remember when searching for the perfect shades: how they fit on your face. Likewise, make sure to not only buy fashion-statement sunglasses, but determine that the sunglasses also have additional features that protect the eyes as well.

As a regulation, the size of sunglasses has to be in proportion with the size of the face. This entails that petite shades are best for petite faces; big shades for large faces. Nonetheless, the framing cast should be different from the form of the face. For instance, people with round faces should get glasses that make their faces seem skinnier, the best way to achieve this is by wearing shades which are shaped in rectangles.

If you have a square-formed face, your main objective has to be to soften your face somewhat, as your properties are probably very broad and strong. The advisable way is for you to moderate the facial appearance of profound curves. The better manner to subdue profound bends is by getting shades which are round in figure.

For those having elliptical formed faces, you are fortunate! Elliptical shaped faces can take virtually all varieties of glass frames. You are able to test with what ever pair of shades you wish.

If your face is shaped as a heart, your main worry is to moderate your chin. Your best choice are oval shaped sunglasses, sunglasses with frames with a flat top, and pastel colored shades are best with your face shape.

Apart from how your shades look good on you, remember that the foremost intent of shades is to protect your eyes. Exposure to Ultra Violet radiation can create a variety of problems for your eyes, you will require your shades to safeguard you from these issues, acquire glasses that shield UVA and UVB rays.

Finding shades to pair with your face shape is not complex, as long as you have a well defined idea of what you are looking for. Doing a bit of trying out to see which pair of sunglasses will look the nicest on you is fundamental. By opting for various sunglasses shapes and colorations, the frames can reflect your attitude and your mood. They can convert your outward appearance and personality instantly.

Zipper Sunglasses

Cool sunglasses designed by Lee Cooper and high-end eyewear brand Alain Mikli.

For more info visit
For more info visit

Steampunk Glasses

Beautiful and unique pair of cool sunglasses styled in a steampunk fashion.

For more info visit
For more info visit

Slanties Eyewear

Based on ancient Inuit eyewear, each pair of slanties is handcrafted and engineered to be sturdy and reliable.

For info visit
For info visit

Pyramid Sunglasses

Creative cool sunglasses from Oliver Goldsmith’s OG Vintage Collection.

For more info visit
For more info visit

Gold Chain Glasses

BLESS Duo Fringe blinged to the max cool sunglasses from talented design duo of Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag.

For more info visit
For more info visit

Kanye West Shutter Sunglasses

Shutter Shades made cool by Kanye West in the music video for his song “Stronger”.

For more info visit
For more info visit

Colorize Sunglasses

Ray Ban’s Colorize kit comes with markers and a pair of white-framed shades that you can customize.

For more info visit
For more info visit

Line Sunglasses

New-age futuristic “Line” sunglasses design from MACKDADDY.

For more info visit
For more info visit

Equalizer Night Glasses

Watsget glasses look like regular sunglasses during the day and then light up under black neon lights in clubs.

For more info visit
For more info visit

Gold Eyeglasses

Designed by Zhu Fei during gold jewellery competition in Beijing.

For more info visit
For more info visit

Dripping Sunglasses

Cool melting sunglasses by Anna Ter Haar made for Klavers van Engelen fall/winter 2008-2009 fashion show.

For more info visit
For more info visit

Lady Gaga Sunglasses

Lady Gaga always wears crazy sunglasses and here are just a few of them...

Calvin Harris Fly Eye Spectacles

DJ Calvin Harris' new video for 'i'm not alone' features him as a knife-wielding mad scientist but its his sartorial trademark silver fly-eye spectacles, which are ordinary sunglasses with bubble-wrap glued to the lenses that got my attention.

A collection of Celebrities in Sunglasses

Most Iconic Specs Wearer

Singer Elton John topped Britain’s most iconic specs poll with his flamboyant taste in eyewear. The 61-year-old artiste has owned 20,000 pairs of shades over the years, the most famous being his rocketman glasses.

Elton John became famous for his oversized glasses and outrageous outfits and jewellery and was called the 'Queen Mum of Pop'. The candle in the wind' hitmaker pipped Beatles legend John Lennon and Oz star Dame Edna Everage in the poll of 2,000 people for the British optical brand Specsavers, ‘Sun’ reported. From rhinestone encrusted sunglasses to super sized mettalic shades Elton John has worn it all.

Johnny Depp Sunglasses

Movie actor Johnny Depp is another celebrity who loves his sunglasses wearing many different styles and colors.

Animals in Cool Sunglasses!

Look at these...even some animals can look cool in sunglasses!

Cool Spy Sunglasses

20 Cool Sunglasses Designs


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      20 months ago

      Thanks for sharing this awesome collection.

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      7 years ago

      Awesome hubs! The photos you put in your hubs are amazing - wonderful work. Quite impressive. You found a niche!

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      7 years ago

      Loving the sunglasses - Kayne Wests are the best!


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