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Cool Undercut Styles

Updated on May 5, 2012

Undercuts are a popular hair style for their edginess and their androgyny, but many people are finding new and inventive looks for this hairstyle. Whilst you may not think that an undercut can be very versatile, this is not necessarily the case - you can have great fun playing around with different things, if you wish, and make that undercut look super unique! Whether you have a side panel shaved or the entire underneath layer, there are some fantastic ways to incorporate designs and colour. Depending on the length of your hair, you may even be able to cover up your undercut as and when you want to, which is great for those who have work or school commitments that won't allow such an off-the-wall hair cut.


Dying Your Undercut

Dying your undercut can be a fantastic way of personalising it - whether you are dying it to match the colour of the rest of your hair (if your hair colour is not natural) or dying it a completely different colour. Many people dye the shaved section of their hair a different hue to that of the longer hair and this can give a variety of different effects. For example, you could use similar shades or change things up a bit by using two bright, contrasting colours!

Dying your undercut may sound tricky, depending on the length of the hair. The easiest way that I found to do this is to use a very small brush for application of the dye - an eyebrow comb worked extremely well. If you are using bleach on your undercut then remember to adjust the processing time accordingly - using dyes or bleaches on hair that is so short and thus so close to the scalp means that your body heat will come into play and speed up the developing time. If you are worried that the colour that you have selected will come out brighter or deeper than you expected because of this, try dying small amounts of your undercut first either behind the ear or at the back of the head - strand testing like this will allow you to see what the end result will look like and whether it matches the look that you're going for.

Adding Patterns To Your Undercut

Adding patterns is something that you most likely won't feel very confident doing yourself and will most likely go to a professional for, but the results can be absolutely amazing. Whether you are looking for a swirly pattern, leopard print or any other design, you can stamp your personality on your undercut fantastically with this method. These patterns are created by shaving into the undercut more in order to create effects due to the differing lengths of hair. This means that you may have to grow your undercut slightly if it is cut very short to achieve this look.

Combining The Two - Patterned, Coloured Undercuts!

If you have a pattern shaved into your undercut, you can still play around with hair dyes in order to make it stand out even more! This is a great way of personalising your design, especially if it is a more common one, such as leopard print! This may be somewhat difficult and you are likely to need some help with doing this - either from a professional hairdresser or somebody that you trust, with a very steady hand!

Another way to incorporate both patterns and colour into your undercut is to use temporary spray dyes and stencils. Firstly, create or buy a stencil for the shape that you would like to appear in your undercut (shaped hole-punchers from craft stores are a great tool for these - hearts and stars are very commonly found shapes for these and will create the perfect shape easier than using scissor). Then, you can use this on your undercut, spraying the colour over the stencil so that your desired shape appears underneath. This is a fantastic way of transforming your undercut without having to commit to anything for longer than a day or so!

Undercuts can be a really interesting hairstyle to have, but by adding your own style to it you can make it unique and all the more eye-catching!


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    • maryhoneybee profile image

      maryhoneybee 6 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

      Terrific ideas! Undercuts are awesome as is, but having funky patterns and colors is even better. Thanks for the hub! Getting an undercut--a leopard print one sounds exciting to me--is something I'm definitely going to try down the line.

    • alipuckett profile image

      alipuckett 6 years ago

      These photo examples are awesome! I had no idea undercuts were back in style. Ah, Manic Panic. Everything comes full circle. :)


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