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Cool Wallets

Updated on October 10, 2012

May I Borrow Your Wallet?

Benny F. (Benjamin Franklin) once said, “He that displays too often his wife and his wallet is in danger of having both of them borrowed.”

Borrowed? Hmm…

I think perhaps old Benny meant to say “swiped.”

But what if your wallet is so furiously cool that you WANT to show it off as much as possible? We’re talking unique, brother. Sure, it can be functional and durable, too. But you deserve a wallet that you are aching to flash, like your sunglasses or maybe even your car. Your wallet should absolutely be that cool.

Benny F. might disagree, but well… If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Share your cool wallet with your friends. They’ll probably ask where you got it, right off. You most definitely want your wallet to be that sweet, though you may never have given the wallet you carry a second thought up to now.

Big mistake.

Because wallets are always so front and center, they should NOT be boring. They describe YOU, and are a reflection of the way you think life is meant to be lived.

Want to see some really amazing wallets and other men’s accessories? Check out The company’s founder is a pilot, and his designs embrace his love of adventure. His love of what he does is evident in every accessory the company makes. That’s why they’re so unique and exciting!

Remember, accessories say a LOT about you -- like wallets or cuff link sets or maybe a custom belt. These need to be 100% bomb, especially if you’re a Beemer, Mercedes, or Ferrari dude. But even if you’re not driving these high-class cars -- yet, your wallet will make people think you are.

Face it. Who else do you know that carries a stingray wallet? Or what about sharkskin? Is that wicked cool or what? These wallets are just begging to be touched.

But Vvego products aren’t just different looking. Every piece is constructed one at a time, and made in America. We’re talking quality, durability, and one of a kind. What’s better than that?

Borrow it? I don’t think so! But be prepared to have plenty of people asking you where you got that amazing and very cool wallet.

And when they do…

You can tell them, or then again, maybe not.

Are You a Fashionisto?

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Guide to a Man's Wallet

Cool Wallets Are Organized Wallets

It doesn’t seem to matter how expensive or trendy a wallet is - if it is overstuffed with junk. Then you run the risk of looking ridiculous! Cool wallets are organized wallets and here are some tips to get your wallet in tip-top shape.

First, you want to take everything out of your wallet and lay it all out in front of you. You will likely end up with these stacks:

1. Anything to do with money (like credit cards, bank cards and actual cash)

2. Membership or discount cards

3. Receipts, photos and other paper items (like notes etc.)

Go through each pile and decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Organize your money by placing the bills in order and getting rid of excess change. Then, decide which cards you use all the time and file away store cards or credit cards that are only used occasionally. It’s safer not to carry all of your cards at once, anyway. If you have any expired cards, destroy them immediately.

Next, go through your membership or discount cards and do the same thing. Decide which are absolutely necessary to carry all the time and get rid of the rest or file them away. Receipts you need to keep should be at home. Get into the habit of emptying your wallet of your receipts each day. This goes for paper items like notes as well. Arrange a place for them at home where you can get to them easily if you need them, but keep them out of your wallet. Photos are nice, but don’t overdo. Today’s cell phones make it much easier to carry as many photos as you like.

Once everything not absolutely necessary is cleaned out, you can begin putting the vital items back into your wallet. As you are doing so, keep in mind that if it is still bulging a little, it may be time to get a new wallet with more capacity. You may want to think about getting a front pocket wallet, if you wear suits, or a zippered wallet if your look is more casual.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you are able to really get your items down to the bare minimum then think about a bi-fold money clip wallet or a front pocket wallet with a clip. There is no use in pulling out a wallet that looks like it is starving either! Cool wallets are organized wallets and all of your items should fit nice and snug in whichever style is best for you.


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    • patm7 profile image

      patm7 5 years ago from Bradenton FL

      Interesting. I didn't realize that men thought much about wallets. These are great tips.