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5 Cutest Black and White Wedding Dresses

Updated on October 26, 2015

We have been accustomed to weddings where the bride wears white. The tradition may be somehow associated with the first wedding on the planet, the inventor of the wedding dress or the meaning of the color white. Nevertheless, it is all about looking good at a wedding, and the right amount of black on your white dress might just bring out the desired effect.

I have for a long time admired the beauty of black and white wedding dresses. As long as the wedding dress designer gets the patterns right and you choose the right accessories, you may just end up being the most gorgeous bride on the planet.

If you agree with me on this or if you are curious to see just what value a black and white wedding dress can add to your wedding, the following 5 wedding dresses will make you wish you had a wedding today.

A Line Strapless Ruched Tulle Wedding Dress

It is not easy to design a black wedding dress and make it look elegant. The same case is applicable when designing a dress that has more of black than white. The Strapless Ruched Tulle Wedding Dress is a glamorous and an extraordinary dress that is not only beautiful but also clearly showcases the prowess of its designer.

From the upper section that features stunning patterns to the lace around the bust and the gently flowing veil, it is worthy buying. If you get one of these, there will be no fake “you look lovely” statements from your friends and family; this time, they will really mean their word.

Ruched Tulle Wedding Dress
Ruched Tulle Wedding Dress | Source

Black and White Chapel Train Wedding Dress

This white and black embroidery wedding dress has a wow factor in it. Its sleeveless look and stunning bodice will showcase your curves without revealing too much its effortlessly flowing veil is an elegant reminder that you are the queen of the show. The small strikingly beautiful embroidered flowers across the bust are flattering while the full skirt hides everything from the hips to the legs. Its flair makes it perfect for full blown figures as well as straight figures.

Every lady wants to look good than any other guest at her wedding and this dress just guaranteed you good looks.

Black and White Chapel Train Wedding Dress
Black and White Chapel Train Wedding Dress | Source

Floor-Length Black & White Wedding Dress

This glamorous A-Line black and white wedding dress would be a dream-come-true for many brides. It features a black lace-up top with a sideways flowing veils that give room to a white skirt fitted to the bodice. The good thing about this dress is that it is ideal for both tall and short women as the skirt visually cuts the body into half. It can be worn in a chapel or outdoor wedding as it features a very forgiving style that hides everything from the mid-section of the body to the legs.

Cute Gothic wedding dress
Cute Gothic wedding dress | Source

Strapless Mermaid Black and White Wedding Dress

If you have a nice figure and would like to flaunt it in style, why not try out the strapless mermaid black and white wedding dress? The strapless dress features a nice flowing design that hugs your figure closely from the chest to the knees.

The black-laced bodice accentuates the dress giving it a whole new stunning look. It has a long flowing veil that is embroidered with beautiful lace patterns to complement the bodice. This dress will sure enough add elegance to your wedding.

Strapless Mermaid Black and White Wedding Dress
Strapless Mermaid Black and White Wedding Dress | Source

Beading Embroidery Black and White Wedding Dress

You definitely can’t look away from the mesmerizing beauty brought about by this beautifully embroidered white and black wedding dress. Its charming bodice will enthrall you while the carefully embroidered patterns along its skirt will make you feel like a princess.

The dress has a basque waistline that looks incredible on average and tall women because it makes them look shorter. If you want a fashionable black and white gown that will leave your guests in awe, this dress should be on top of your list.

Beading Embroidery Black and White Wedding Dress
Beading Embroidery Black and White Wedding Dress | Source


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      Carol 21 months ago

      Dress number 5 has the best patterns. I love it.