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Corioliss Straighteners – The ones for you?

Updated on November 16, 2011
Corioliss C1 Hair Straighteners
Corioliss C1 Hair Straighteners

A Lot Of Choice

OK so we all love our GHD straighteners. They have been around for years now and still manage to hit the top of every girls Christmas list with other models often disappointing us and making us wish we hadn’t strayed from what we know. However, Corioliss have 4 great straighteners on the market including the really popular Corioliss C2 which might just give GHD a run for their neatly ironed money! With some of the most hip straightening iron colour choices around and super-fast heat up times I really don’t think that you will be left disappointed with these irons. With a baby one too even those of you with short hair (or dare I say it men!!) can join in on the action.

My Favourite Corioliss Straighteners

I think that the best in the range is the Corioliss C2. The reason for this is that it has a digital control that is remote from the actual irons (it’s on the cable) so that you can see and change the temperature during use with greater ease. They also have a 30 min sleep mode so you are in no danger of burning your house down if you forget to turn them off! Amazingly they only take 20 seconds to heat up to the max temperature of 210°C so they are great for time saving and reducing your electric bills! Whilst the C1 doesn’t have any of the features mentioned above it does share a few other great qualities. They can both help to keep your hair frizz-free with their negative ion technology giving your locks a silky glossy appearance. With a variable temperature control you can adjust the heat to suit your hair type, seriously reduced the damage that some straighteners can cause to your hair. Finally they both have infra-red technology which is a great way of heating your hair from the inside, again helping to reduce stress and damage to the hair.

Corioliss C3 Gold
Corioliss C3 Gold

The Corioliss C3

So what does the Corioliss 3 model have to offer? Well as it’s the most expensive you’d think it would have a lot to shout about but I’m not so sure this model does. Yes it comes with all the same advanced technology as the C1 and C2 which includes floating titanium plates but as far as I can establish the only real difference is that this model has extra-long plates. This is great for longer hair, and for speeding up the straightening process but in my opinion I’m not sure I’d spend the extra money just for this.

The Baby Ones

If you are looking for a hair straightener to take on holiday or to pop into your handbag then look no further than the Corioliss Baby SXE with built in automatic dual circuitry for foreign travel. This is a teeny weeny little baby straightener that is only 120g in weight. At 20cm long it’s also a great option for the guys, for short hair, or for those of you looking to just style part of your hair/fringe etc. These are not the cheapest small irons on the market but with quality titanium plates and negative ion technology you get a great set of irons. These babies heat to a constant temperature of 200°C in about 30 seconds too making them amongst the fastest mini irons out there!

Corioiliss C2 Crystal
Corioiliss C2 Crystal

It's All About The Colours

Now let me tell you about the colours. This really is my favourite quality about Corioliss straighteners. Forget dull black (although they do them in that colour for the less daring of you out there), Corioliss love to funk it up and with Purple Zebra, Midas Gold and Red Leopard models you can imagine what fun you can have picking the one that suit you the best. They even do hair dryers to match. If you are a true WAG though there is a perfect Corioliss C2 for you. It’s called the Crystal and is the most bling and beautiful straightener you will ever lay your eyes on! Imagine taking these irons out of your bag and laying them on the dressing table at the gym. You will be guaranteed a lot of attention, and if you are the kind of girl to buy these, then attention is probably your middle name. I love them but the price for me is just a little too high. At the end of the day though that’s what helps to make them so sought after and unique. Maybe Father Christmas might grant my wish!!


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