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Corum Artisan Timepieces (Enamel, Mother-of-Pearl) Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Corum Artisan

The seeming irrationality of Corum Golden Bridge collection can be explained in various ways and arguments. Purists will say that they love the striking, shocking visuals of the case without the dial – a watch that appears to defy the laws of physics.

Fashion and luxury connoisseurs will appreciate the design for the specially added caseback and all the diamonds it carries. Finally, those who love art on top of their passion for high-end watches will point to the Artisan Timepieces – a line that employs the Golden Bridge premise as a backdrop for miniature paintings on the inner side of the casebacks.

Corum currently offer four Artisan models: Adam and Eve, Napoleon, and two Alphonse Mucha inspired pieces. The painting styles represented are respectively Renaissance, Romanticism (history), and Art Nouveau.

Adam and Eve

This watch features the man and the woman separated by the bridge and the mechanical caliber – symbolically separated by time. Perhaps this configuration makes a reference to the chronological gap when Adam was still alone in the world; on the other hand, the bridge might be conceived as the rib from which Eve was subsequently created. Either way, time becomes the chief, if not divine, principle.

The figures stand in front of a jungle background, looking straight at the viewer.


Napoleon watch also offers a generic depiction, but of a different sort. Two warriors, Scottish and Ottoman, in full dress and armed to the teeth, face the viewer; the red in their uniforms generates a powerful sense of urgency, and projects energy, making the watch especially suited for... businessmen? For whoever loves an occasional scramble, apparently. And collectors.

Alphonse Mucha

Timepieces display intricate portrayals of women in lively poses, seductive or pious, drowned in yellow, orange, and peach hues.

Mucha's style was recently resurrected by Japanese manga artists, and used as an inspiration for comic books – an interesting turn considering that more than a hundred years ago it was the impressionists who borrowed ideas from Japanese woodblock prints.


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