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Corum Bubble Ladies Diamond/Chronograph/Mini Watch Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Bubble Ladies'

There's a significant difference between Corum Bubble men's and ladies lines. The thematic material of the former demonstrates a clear “bad boy” slant; women's models opt for elegant and civilized – as opposed to the piratey tendencies of gents watches – expression. Instead of skull and bones we have a range of single tone colors (purple, green, pink, blue) dominating the generally reserved design. In a way, ladies timers provide an antidote to the male bravado, very much like in Western movies.

The basic bubble-like design remains the same: spherical crown and pushers (for the chronograph versions), dome-like (scratch resistant) sapphire crystal, and appropriately roundish Arabic numerals and dots on the dial. Ladies watches come in Mini, Mid-size, and XL sizes.

Corum Buckingham
Corum Buckingham

Ladies and Unisex

Corum Bubble offers a range of unisex models to complement the Ladies and Men's lines. At first it's difficult to distinguish what changed in unisex pieces – and that's the whole point – but upon a closer look it becomes obvious that it's not the fundamental bubble elements.

Instead, the company colors the dials with neutral black and blue, and adds some marking on the bezel for the diver's watches. Some corners (reminiscent of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak) and diamonds were added to bezels in bolder designs.

Colors, Materials

Besides the range of colors, which includes, among others, warm mint green, bright turquoise, shocking (limited to straps) and soft pink, Corum Bubble employs a stainless steel in combination with diamonds or sapphires. The diamonds are set on the bezels, forming a single or dual ring, depending on the size of the stones. The lugs and the case carry the colored sapphires.

Overall, Ladies Bubble watches display an unmistakable fashion character, tamed somewhat by the collection's aesthetic – Corum's additional fashion ladies such as the Trapeze, and Sugar Cube do away with the bubbly niceties, taking bold steps towards the avant-guard.


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