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Corum Bubble Men's Watch Review: Privateer, Bat, Jolly Roger...

Updated on January 6, 2015

Bubble Men's

All Corum Bubble watches feature the trademark bubble-like crystal glass dome and spherical crown and pushers that gave this line its name. Beyond these traits, it is dial decoration more than anything else that determines the pieces' character. The “bubbles” in this collection can be found in both literal and figurative way: one in the physical appearance, the other in the effervescent cartoonish images that cover the faces of the timers.

Both are important, as they create a harmony of design and shape that is rarely found in watchmaking – and which emerges as the underlying reason for the popularity of this collection. The unapologetic fun&play element is so strong in this design idea that only under close examination it emerges as a carefully thought out thematic fashion concept. Its mainstream appeal serves to show how fashion exerts an important, seemingly invisible influence on our everyday lives.

Pirate Theme

Pirate theme includes Jolly Roger and Privateer: both skull and bones images, one en face, another in profile (and wearing a red bandanna). Jolly Roger version offers a comic solution whereby the bones serve a practical role as hour and minutes hands. Privateer settles for a pair of skeletonized submarine like hands (similar somewhat to Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver).

Card Theme

Playing cards theme includes Royal Flush and Joker models; the latter displays such menace as to link it to the Bat Bubble, another popular model. However, both Flush and Joker rely on white and red color pattern, whereas Bat features a dark, melancholy blue and black scheme.


The collection offers quartz or automatic chronograph complication, and, naturally, a diver extra water-resistant variation. Timers usually come equipped with a leather or rubber strap.

Some Corum Bubble watches carry a single ring of diamonds on the bezels – not too flashy, but enough to impart a luxurious effect.


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