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Corum Golden Bridge Swiss Luxury Watch Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Golden Bridge

Corum Golden Bridge watches possess, similarly to Coin watch and Romulus, a unique distinctive feature. However, this collection combines horology with avant-guard design, making the hand wound mechanical movement an indispensable part of the groundbreaking appearance.

Golden Bridge pieces, especially Gold and Platinum models, don't look very much like timing instruments, so different is their aesthetic. First, the scrollwork was taken to the extreme: there is virtually no dial, only a thin bridge that upholds the caliber and the hands. When worn, the “dominant color” will become that of the owner's skin, or of the fabric around which the watch would coil.

Second – and this characteristic is less evident at first glance, but in fact might be the more revolutionary of the two – the crown rests at six o'clock instead of the conventional three, a change required by the unusual placement of the mechanism.

18k Gold, Platinum

Gold (yellow, white, rose) and platinum watches feature the shocking “empty” design where the movement and the hands appear suspended in the air. Skeleton design is nothing new in the industry, but I doubt there's one creation that reveals as much – effectively everything – of the caliber. It can't be even said that it lies inside the piece – because there is no “inside.“

The four lines come equipped with either a bracelet (also gold) or a strap (crocodile leather). More luxurious models incorporate diamonds on the bezel, the case, and the bracelet, depending on the variation.


Golden Bridge offers Haute Joaillerie ladies watches encrusted with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. These lines insert a caseback that hosts the stones, which in turn add a very expensive transparent, red, or blue sparkle. Paved versions were covered in diamonds completely.

While the liberal use of diamonds and other precious stones contributes to a rich jewelry assortment, it's the Artisan timepieces, also a Golden Bridge based collection, that add the final artistic touches to Corum oeuvre.


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