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Corum Ladies Sugar Cube&Ovale Luxury Watches Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Corum Sugar Cube and Ovale

If Corum Trapeze and Pyramid explored the edgy, empowering side of femininity, Sugar Cube and Ovale counter by employing characteristically traditional female shapes: ellipse and miniature square. Three dimensionality continues to play an important role in both designs; Sugar Cube watches essentially form a small cube, while Ovale contain an unusually prominent bezel.

Both lines incorporate a combination of luxury materials, starting from stainless steel and gold for the case, and ending with diamonds and mother-of-pearl for the dial. Strap and bracelets add a characteristic touch, softening the overall appearance in the former case, and sharpening it in the latter. Swiss quartz becomes the standard movement for these fashion timepieces – the stress is obviously on appearance rather than horological sophistication. Let's take a closer look at the collections.

Corum Chinese Hat
Corum Chinese Hat

Sugar Cube

Today is out of production, and is in effect a vintage fashion watch. The design appears misleadingly basic: a square with cropped angles accompanied by a spherical crown (in the royal meaning as well) create a hand-bag, or purse-like appearance.

However, the use of sapphire crystal and diamonds produce layers of light and complexity unexpected from a small quartz piece; the colors – wine red, dark blue, pink, yellow, and green, all in exotic hues – complete the picture. It's a bold little design that can project formal or casual overtones with the attached bracelets or leather colored straps respectively.


Corum Ovale liberally employs the elongated space provided by the case shape: Arabic and Roman numerals, oversized and undulating, close in on the pair of small hands, generating intriguing tension. The line is especially notable for the colored mother-of-pearl dials; colors play a supporting role by establishing a sense of calm harmony (soft pinks, blues, and browns), while the shimmering faces introduce yet a little more tension. One of Corum's smoothest designs.


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