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Corum Ladies Trapeze&Pyramid Ladies Diamond Watches Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Trapeze and Pyramid

Corum Trapeze and Pyramid – both ladies collections – take a sharp turn towards luxury fashion design, abandoning any complication or extra functions available in Corum Bubble. Both Trapeze and Pyramid employ edgy, in literal and figurative sense, and angular shapes: reversed trapeze for the former, and rectangle that protrudes to create a three dimensional miniature pyramid for the latter.

These naturally imbalanced forms create tension and project instability, which in turn might be perceived as referring to such human traits as spontaneity and impulsiveness on the one hand, and originality and creativity on the other. Either way, it takes character to wear these pieces.

Both lines feature straps and bracelets, some of which, when combined with the rectangular case, produce unusual fashion effects: from office building formality to casual affability.


To offset the corners of the cases, and relieve the tension somewhat, the softly colored dials feature very soft, cushion-like Arabic numerals. Face colors include purple, blue, soft pink, and a surprising pine green – most in mother-of-pearl; designers left a lot of space on the dial to allow the color and the shimmer of mother-of-pearl to interact freely. A single rectangular seconds hand subdial at six o'clock provides aesthetic balance on top of the functionality.

A long, broken line of diamonds decorates the bezels of many of the models. Trapeze watches contain Swiss Quartz or automatic movements, and resist water up to 30 meters.


A truly original and risky watch, considered a classic by some connoisseurs. Again, undulating, twisting (refined Art Nouveau) numerals and colored (blue, pink, black, green) fronts offset the overall harsh rectangular case – this collection could be considered unisex if it wasn't for the obviously “girly” colors.

Diamond fringe, stainless steel and matching bracelets and straps complete the design, making it one of Corum's most memorable ladies creations.


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