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Corum Romulus Swiss Automatic Luxury Watches Review

Updated on January 9, 2015

Corum Romulus

Corum Romulus automatic watches possess what so many brands seek to discover and adorn their timepieces with: a unique distinctive feature. Many high-end watchmaking companies, nearly all of them Swiss, habitually employ precious metals, diamonds, and less conventional (and usually costlier) luxurious materials. Very few are able to find a way to innovate with dial, case, bezel, and other basic design components without resorting to these style (and price) amplifiers.

By placing the hour markers on the bezel instead of the dial – essentially separating the hours from the minutes – the designer created an unmistakable classic look. The overall design requires a change of attitude in reading time, and, in a broader sense, encourages a fresh outlook on it. With both serendipity and creativity in the mix, Corum's achievement in the Romulus is widely regarded as a stroke of genius.

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Romulus watches contain automatic movements enhanced with various complications: date, chronograph, dual time, annual calendar, power reserve, and perpetual calendar.

Depending on the model, analog or digital indicators show the day of the week and the date; seconds hand moves from center to a six o'clock subdial in Large Date, Gold, and Dual Time timers.

The caliber inside the Chronograph is also an officially certified chronometer, making the watch a marine instrument as well as a statement of individual style.


Romulus dials display a powerful guilloche of deep grooves, radial or vertical. Most models exhibit a distinct clean face while the Roman numerals on the bezel appear as abstract decorations encompassing the minute markers. Only the perpetual calendar variation offers a visibly busier appearance that diverges from the supreme calm quality of the rest.

Another major feature consists of the hands. Hour and minutes hands are identical in design, but vary in proportion; the design notably replicates the gladius – a sword used by Roman legionnaires and which lent its name to the gladiators. No doubt it's also involved in this collection's naming. The simplicity of Romulus sets the stage for the striking Coin watches.


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