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Maybe She's born with it...Maybe its make-up.

Updated on August 24, 2012
Maybe she's born with it. Maybe its make-up
Maybe she's born with it. Maybe its make-up | Source

By: Anastasia Vaughan

After years of seeing my mother spend large sums of money on designer make –up products I woke up one day only to decide that their must be another way. Providing that your skin isn't to sensitive to down grade your cosmetics it maybe wise to experiment.Though the days of shelling out large sums of dough on frivolous products seem to be gone the life long appeal of designer make up items left a forever engrained image in the mind and with good reasoning. Oh, how I do still miss my blue and gold trimmed bottle of Christian Dior foundation. Their use to be a time when helping relatives make decisions at the make-up counter yielded you a cosmetic gift (and I’m not talking make-up sampler either). When one looks back, beauty seemed to have glowed from Shiseido laced lips, dewy Lancôme foundation, Mac shadowed eyes which masked the plainness of eyes that could be utterly spectacular, long lasting Fashion Fair mascara, rosy red blushing high cheeks puffed up with Channel pride and soft sensual scents of Elizabeth Arden wrapped around a woman’s gentle neck lingering not far from her well made up face.

Once upon a time a long time ago before the pressures of dealing with the recession made our wallets yield in attention diverting from the more expensive luxurious make up accessories ad after ad placed in magazines focused on amplifying the glamour that make up could bring into the mundane life of an average looking woman.

Today through make-up brands are still pushed into the spotlight with great force the type of brands that have the highest amounts of circulating endorsements have changed greatly. Who could possibly forget that legendary Maybelline commercial “maybe she’s born with it, maybe its Maybelline New York.” Media focuses shifted from Macy’s carried brands to downgraded drug store replacements. As wallets continue to shrink in order to protect the basics of an everyday lifestyle at a financially awkward time period in our society the crème of the crop products are constantly in a motion of change. Currently for the woman wanting to stay trendy, drug store gems can be found for $20 or under in your local CVS, Kmart, Walmart, orWalgreens stores. In a society in which minimum wage seems to barely stretch a dollar, does $20 still seem a bit to high for you?

As inexpensive as drugstore brand make-up may seem there is another source to get the very same brand names at cheaper prices giving you the opportunity to consume more products at least if your willing to take the small catches that come with the merchandise. Stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General can offer you a wide variety of big name products such as Revlon, Maybelline, Almay, Sally Hansen, Blixtex, and even Elf Studios on a good day if you’re lucky.

Shifting between about two different Dollar Tree stores and one local Dollar general I stumbled upon Maybelline New York wear N go lip liner as well as Maybelline New York cool twirl effects eye colors, Revlon lipsticks, Sally Hansen fast dry nail color,Max Factor vivid impact eye shadow duo’s and even Elf Studios eye shadow with mirror. Other products even included Almay intense I-color, Donna Michelle make up foundation, Chap Ice beeswax lip care, New York crème sticks, L.A color loose eye shadow with built in brush in colors such as sunshine, snow white, honey suckle, black pearl, lollipop and a various seductive shades of pink.

While the local Dollar tree has a variety of make-up accessories that accentuate the face Dollar General covers the brands such as Cover Girl and Neutrogena for no more than $2.50 a product. Why spend more when you can spend less?


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