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Costco Best Kirkland Signature Shampoo – Review

Updated on February 25, 2011

Ready to try Kirkland Shampoo?

Costco Best Kirkland Signature Shampoo – Review

Note: This is a review of the NEW Costco Signature Moisture Shampoo in the Purple Bottle not the old kind in the curvy 40 ounce white bottles. I did not purchase the Kirkland Conditioner only the shampoo.

Have you tried Kirkland Signature Moisture Shampoo? If not and you are considering the Kirkland brand Shampoo then you will be interested in reading further. I like Costco and I like most of the Kirkland Brand products. There are exceptions from time to time but I recently purchased their Kirkland Shampoo and I’m finding myself actually liking it more than most any other brand I’ve used.

So why did I buy the Kirkland Shampoo? Well to be honest I really don’t like to shop. I was out of shampoo and I had the option of going to another store or just throwing it in my cart and not wasting the time. I always figure with Costco if I really don’t like it then I’ll just bring it back. This is a good strategy usually unless upon return there is a long line waiting at the return counter. This usually only happens during the holiday shopping season. I’ll also seldom return items of less than $10 because it is simply not worth the time and effort. I believe there are a lot of Costco customers who like me purchase items out of convenience because of this guarantee.

Let me talk a bit about the product itself now to get the specifics out of the way then we can talk about what I liked or didn’t like about the shampoo itself.

The Kirkland Signature Moisture Shampoo basics straight from the bottle:

  • 33.8 oz = 1 Liter
  • “Moisture Nutrient Complex™”
  • Professional Salon Formula
  • Safe for Color Treated Hair
  • Sulfate Free, 100% Vegan, Paraben Free, Gluten Free

To be honest most of the marketing stuff printed on shampoo labels means very little because nearly all brands of shampoos contain the same essential ingredients the first of which is water. But unlike shampoos that feature Ammonium Laureth Sulfate and or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laural Sulfate the Kirkland Shampoo does not. These are the ingrediants that cause the shampoo to foam up and are referred to as surfactants. I used to look them up and read about which may or may not be good for your health. Sadly the vast majority of chemicals used in the cosmetic industry have never really been tested; at least not on humans.

Would you like to Know how Safe the Chemicals are in Your Shampoo?

Because the chemicals in Shampoo have such long technical names I don’t think most people understand that there are possible health ramifications from the use of cosmetics. For this reason if you are concerned I can highly recommend you visit the Environmental Working Groups “Skin Deep” report. This allows you to read their conclusions on which products are “safer” based on the available scientific information. You can look up a number of products – shampoo, toothpaste, soaps, etc.

Link: Skin Deep Report – Cosmetic Safety Reviews

Sadly most Kirkland products are not listed in the database because there are often many different manufacturers for the line. So they can not always compare apples to apples. So Costco’s marketing claims on their Shampoo product are very hard to verify in regard to safety issues. If this matters to you (and honestly it does to me) then you have to dig in and look at the chemicals on the bottle and do your own research. But how has the time? I do – sometimes.

What I like and dislike about Kirkland Shampoo

Lets knock off the dislikes as they are probably what most people want to know first. Why would you not buy this product? Well for one it’s a very large bottle that small hands may not be able to adequately control in the shower. You certainly wouldn’t want to drop it on you foot! This is why I never buy the Pantene products from Costco – they are just too large a bottle, and I do not want to pour to a smaller container. Fortunately on the plus side the Costco Moisturizing Shampoo has a pump top so you don’t have to lift the bottle off the shower shelf.

The product is not cheap – at $8.99 for 33.8 ounces it’s certainly not a bargain purchase. On the plus side this compares really nicely to Salon products which Costco is marketing this shampoo as being similar to. I wouldn’t know for sure other than to say it is very much like the products that are used when I do get my hair cut. I’m a guy so my basis for comparison will be likely less accurate than the average 14 year old girl. That’s just the facts.

I like the smell of the product. Typically I’m a believer that the smell of clean is the absence of smell. I’m not a big fan of artificial chemically created scents added to any product. But the slight sour apple candy fragrance of this product is far from overwhelming and actually quite pleasant. The Scent is suitable for men and women in my opinion.

The texture of the product is much like the few salon products I have experienced. It’s a bit thicker than the Pantene line of Shampoos and milky but not white. It’s more of a tan skin color. I’m not sure what else I can bring to the discussion here. The best thing you can do is just try it for yourself and see if it’s something you might like. For me I’ll continue to use it and rotate it with other brands as I do with most cosmetic products. When it comes to chemicals and the body – shampoo, toothpaste, or whatever I believe it’s best to rotate brands from time to time for the purposes of safety. You know the old saying – all things in moderation.

Here is what some other people have had to say about Costco’s Kirkland Shampoo Products.

  • Awesome and cheap. Cleanses and moisturizes my dry hair. This is very similar to Pureology but much cheaper. I love the conditioner too. You get so much in the bottle that it will last you a long time.
  • SIMPLY AMAZING! I tried about any hair product out there including most expensive brands. The Kirkland Moisture shampoo and conditioner are absolutely wonderful. My hair has been processed twice in one week due to a color correction and Kirkland Moisture shampoo and conditioner returned it to life. My hair is soft, shiny and strong!
    I mentioned it to two of my friends. Both tried it and LOVE it.
    I dumped my Ojon, Moroccanoil, and Fekkai products. Go Kirkland Moisture!

More reviews at Make up Alley: Costco Shampoo Review

New Formula Costco Shampoo Review

This is the new formula and replaces the old formula in the curved white bottles.
This is the new formula and replaces the old formula in the curved white bottles.


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  • profile image

    CE 6 years ago

    Shampoo is the best we've ever tried. Luxurious feel, smooth, thick, and creamy. Better than the salons. Cured dandruff, totally surprised, that's how good it is. Tried for many years to get rid of dandruff.

  • MikeNV profile image

    MikeNV 6 years ago from Henderson, NV

    I don't know how to answer this other than to say the top just twists then the pump pops up!

  • profile image

    Nona  6 years ago

    I'm anxious to use the Kirkland Signature Moisture Shampoo but try as I might, I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET IT OPEN. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • ImChemist profile image

    ImChemist 7 years ago

    I like this shampoo , thanks for sharing this review.