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Cotton Training Pants

Updated on January 11, 2011

This hub is closely related to my other hub, Potty Training Urinal, so you can visit that if you need more tips on potty training in general.

Toilet training is a very important phase in a toddler’s young life. To make the experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible, for both you (as parents) and your baby, you need to take what you can get. Not tools per se, but these things, such as the aforementioned potty training urinal, and now, cotton training pants, aid your child in learning process.

Facts about potty training

Toilet training helps shape the human psyche. Psychologists believe that a troubled human being could have been influenced by poor potty training. The time is crucial because it teaches the child that social imperatives can take precedence over bodily desires. As with such, perfectionism and excessive cleanliness is a direct result linked with poor toilet training.

About cotton training pants and potty training

Training pants are not exactly diapers, in that they are actually a step up from them. After the diaper phase, parents should prepare for actual toilet training and training pants are what they should make their babies wear. Training pants are basically big-sized underwear that have garters on their hems—elastic bands on the waist and both legs. The elastics are what differentiates these garments from regular underwear.

The elastics serve one main purpose—trap the baby’s waste and make him or her uncomfortable. It may sound harsh but in the grander scheme of things, this is what actually trains the baby. The uncomfortable feeling will make them want to remove their pants—another difference with diapers as diapers are harder for a baby to remove because of its complicated fasteners.

When a child feels uncomfortable every time he does the deed, he realizes there must be something wrong. At first, the toddler will try to remove the garment—at this exact time, parents should take note and take advantage by moving them to the bathroom. The child should eventually associate the toilet with “doing the deed.”

Multiple studies have shown that using training pants speeds up actual potty training substantially.

Once your child graduates from potty training and training pants, he or she can now use big boy/girl underwear.

Cotton is a popular choice of material for training pants as it is highly-absorbent and tough (reusable). It is also made from natural fibers which reduces the risk of getting rashes. Most parents choose nothing but 100% organic cotton for training pants. These are mostly sold in packs so you spend less when buying more.

Below are some preferred cotton training pants by parents the world over. Click on each product to learn more or read actual reviews from parents.



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