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Couple Tattoos: Ideas

Updated on November 19, 2011

Couples may search out tattoos and ideas for tattoo's for any number of reasons. The most common being a desire to permanently show their love of one another in a way that can be shared publicly. No matter what the reasoning behind a couples tattoo's it is important to choose carefully and ensure the body art designs that are chosen are ones each is willing to wear for the rest of their lives.

Much like a relationship - a tattoo is a commitment, one that requires careful thought and collaboration for all included. To help get you started here are some couple tattoo's ideas.

Names are popular couple tattoo design ideas.
Names are popular couple tattoo design ideas. | Source

Put Together Couple Tattoo's: Ideas

Lock and Key tattoo's are a great choice for couples to symbolize the love they share between them. This can be done where one partner is tattoo'd with a lock and the other a key or both partners can get both lock and key to symbolize that they hold the key to the others heart, soul or any other personal emotion they want the lock and key to be symbolic of.

Half to Whole Hearts perhaps some of the cutest couple tattoo's ideas (in my opinion). Both parties get half a jagged heart to show completeness only when they are together. For a more visually appealing look consider these tattoo's for the hand, foot and wrist - areas that are easy to place flush against the other persons to get the "whole" picture.

Beginning and End tattoos are great couple tattoo ideas. Most often these consist of heartfelt quotes - the beginning tattoo'd on one while the other gets the end of the quote tattoo'd in the same location on their body. However, it does not just have to be quotes it can be any saying, picture, single word, phrase or design that can be separated in two's that make this one of the best couple tattoo ideas to consider.

Matching Couple Tattoo's:Ideas

Bands or rings if you will are another option for a his and her or any relationship tattoo design. These can be inked on as solid rings, edgy tribal design or even a band of matching words, worn by both.

Matching Quotes that share a connection with the couple or that express a heartfelt thought or emotion are another ideal design available. Arms, wrists and shoulder seem to be the most popular locations on the body to sport these works of body art for the loving couple.

Bracelets of tribal art, words, sayings or nearly any other design can be great ways to show the bond that a true companionship carries. One of the most universal and popular designs chosen by couples to express their love and appreciation for one another. These can be seen mostly on wrists, forearms, biceps and ankles.

Popular designs including: caricatures, hearts, stars, animals, tribal art, numerology and many others can be used in couple tattoo designs. These types of tattoo's for couples will often be instigated by a shared love of something or perhaps even an inside joke that has a significant meaning to both parties. A common design used in this style of couple tattoo's are his and hers crosses. Where the woman often gets a cross slightly smaller in design than the man.


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