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Covergirl Lip Perfection Review

Updated on February 18, 2012

These lipcolors have been in the market for about an year now but I thought they need special love on my blog. I call these drugstore's best long lasting lipstick ever. Before I got these, whenever I thought about lip products that are long lasting, I would automatically think of lipstains that dry out lips like crazy until I found the Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks.

Covergirl describes them moisturizing having "Transformative Silk Moisture Complex" and claims that lips will feel softer and smoother in just 7 days. Ok, so here is my take. These are highly pigmented lip colors. They come variety of colors - Pinks/Hot pinks, Reds, Corals, Nudes, Browns, Reds, Mauve and Rose shades. I mean you name it and you will find a shade you are looking for.

Packaging: Lipsticks are packaged in a very modern brown/purple mirrored case with the bottom part of the packagaing displaying the lip color and its sheen(Matte/Satin) which is absolutely true to the product inside.

Texture& Application: These go on smooth and creamy on the lips and are very pigmented. One swipe is enough to show off the color and is buildable ofcourse. They are very light wearing. Initially when I got them, I had to go back and check after every two hours if they were still there and to my pleasant surprise it lasted longest than any other lipstick did on me.

Covergirl claims it smoothes and softens your lips in 7 days, Well thats not quite true, infact it dried my lips in two days of application. You have to moisturize your lips before application and after removal or your lips will start to crack and peel off but it is not as bad as lipstains. If I were to comapre then lipstains dry lips 10 times more than these lipsticks. If you are regular on moisturizing your lips daily twice in the morning and before bed then you will have no such issue.

Staying power and Wear off: Lip Perfections are very long wearing. About 5-6 hrs for me(without meals in between). If I apply it around 9 in the morning and they are good till about the time after I have had my mid day meal. I do drink water regularly and these do not come off. And this is what I like about them - when they wear off after meal they leave a tint to your lips. They do not erase completely. I reapply it after meal and I am good to go for the rest of the day till dinner.

The most annoying part of most of the lip colors for me is when they transfer on your glass. But with these, if you blot it on a tissue during application like simply pressing a tissue between your lips, it will take off only the excess product off and leave the pigment behind which does not transfer to the glass of water anything till the rest of the day.

That being said, it is not easy to remove it at the end of day. You will need a makeup remover wipe to remove them. I prefer using olive oil or Vaseline petroleum jelly on a cotton ball to remove it as it moisturizes my lips at the same time.

L- R Romance, Hypnotic, Sultry, Sweetheart
L- R Romance, Hypnotic, Sultry, Sweetheart | Source

Shades Details

200 Sultry: Matte pinkish brown nude.
220 Hypnotic: Frosty rosy brown shade
265 Romance: Satin pink brown. I find this more pink than Sultry.
390 Sweetheart: Frosty light pink. This has so much frost to it that you hardly see its own pink color.

L-R Kiss, Rapture, Feline, Enthrall
L-R Kiss, Rapture, Feline, Enthrall | Source

Shade Details

275 Kiss: Frosty light coral. This is again one of the frostiest shade in the collection
280 Rapture: Satin bright coral shade darker than Kiss.
385 Feline: Frosty cool berry pink shade
225 Enthrall: Satin coral red.shade perfect wear for someone like me who does not wear dark shades but needs lips to stand out a bit sometimes. This is probably the darkest shade I own in my lip collection and I love it.

Other shades I recently bought are:
260 Heavenly: Medium warm pink
395 Darling: Mauve pink

Overall: These are perfect lipsticks for anyone who is looking for a smooth, pigmented long wearing lipcolor. I give them 4 stars for the color selection and application. They are just shy of being 5 star for some dryness it gave to my lips.


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