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Cowboy Hat Rack

Updated on March 10, 2011

Every Cowboy or Cowgirl Needs a Cowboy Hat Rack

Purchasing a cowboy hat rack is a wise investment for men and women who own cowboy hats. Having a place to hang your cowboy hat when you come home is a very nice thing. No longer will you need to worry about losing or having your hat crushed or bent. Unfortunately, hat racks can be a hard thing to come by, especially one that will do your cowboy hat justice.

Luckily, there are many different types of cowboy hat racks and western hat racks available online. Visit or eBay right now to see what's available. Sometimes, you may need to broaden your search for cowboy hat holders if you can't find a cowboy hat rack that you like. I also recommend looking for a western hat rack too.

There are cowboy hat racks that are made from metal, longhorns, and ones that look like your typical hat racks. There are also cowboy hat racks that are made from wood, which is a very good feeling western hat rack idea, especially if it's very rustic looking. These type of hat racks you can often find plans online to build if you wanted to make your cowboy hat rack from the ground up.

When looking for your new cowboy hat rack, be sure to look for one that will not only match your cowboy hat or hats, but will also match the decor of your home. Most will prefer to buy a rack that has a rustic or very western cowboy style. Even if it doesn't go with your home's decor perfectly, many will appreciate your sense of staying true to your inner cowboy.

Cowboy Hat Rack For Truck

Not only is a cowboy hat rack or cowboy hat holder a good for your home, it can also be a wonderful idea for your truck. There are now specially made cowboy hat racks that are made for trucks. Normally they are made from metal and will suspend your cowboy hat from the ceiling. This is a good place to keep it safe and also to keep it out of your way for safe driving.

Western Hat Rack

Even if it's not for your cowboy hat, a western hat rack can be a unique idea for any home. You can really add a rustic touch or a bit of a Southwestern touch to your home without stuccoing your walls or hanging a huge set of longhorns on the wall - not that there is anything wrong with either of these. I happen to think decorating with longhorns can be a great idea for any home. It's unique. For a great variety of western hat racks, try online. There is sure to be a western hat rack or hat rack holder that you like. They have everything you could possibly want from longhorns to beautifully hand-painted western hat racks.

As with any other kind of cowboy hat holder, cowboy hat rack, or western hat rack, you best place to start looking is online.


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