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Cozying Your Toes with Women's Winter Boots

Updated on June 16, 2011

Summers seem to be endless and that's great! But when winters finally arrive, we're usually caught off guard and they seem to be always in full force. Many of us stuck in the summer mindset, especially here in Southern California usually do not prepare or buy anything for the cold.

But when winter is here, we need to get cozy! Now, don’t think that being cozy is only something you do when you’re at home, cuddled up on the couch. You can be cozy anywhere you go, as long as you have the right wardrobe. While big, warm, fuzzy sweaters and scarves are a great start, you need to think about keeping your feet nice and warm, because a lot of your body heat is lost through your feet, and you can’t be cozy if you are cold.

Women’s winter boots are the perfect example of a simple, comfortable, and affordable addition to a wardrobe. Ladies hailing in colder metropolitans such as New York, Chicago, or even London, prefer them to be functional as well as fashionable. You don’t need to go out and start looking around for those typical, rubbery snow boots that we all picture when we think about winter boots. Sure, those can be considered “winter boots”, but they aren’t really “women’s winter boots”, because women want fashion, and no one wants to lug themselves around in a tacky pair of boots. Depending on your particular style and taste, as well as where you live, you can usually find a great pair of women’s winter boots that almost appear to be built for summer nights out on the town.

Let's see what's out there:

Ugg Boots: The Current Favorites

Leather or Suede boots filled with faux fur have been popular for years. Ugg boots worn by many celebrities such as Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpsons popularized the brand.  But hey, these boots are very comfortable, warm, and some of them are slim and fashionable if worn with the right outfit. You can also find “off brand” versions of the same boots for much cheaper. 

Western Boots: Leather is still in

Cowgirls are always fashionable.  Just ask any girl from the South.  Western boots are quite a variety of rounded toe platform and gorgeous leather material. These boots aren’t quite as warm as some of the others, but they are usually insulated quite well for how thin they are. These boots will look great with a warm pair of jeans and a matching scarf or coat.  Cowgirl hats optional.

Suede are leading the new trends

Suede mid-calf boots are a newer fashion trend that has really been gaining popularity during the winter months. These women’s winter boots go halfway up the calf, and the sole of the boot is usually the same color as the suede material, giving them an understated uniform look that really stands out. Many of these style boots have a color-matching zipper on the inner side of the boot, as well as a multi-wrap strap and contrast color stitching, which really work well together to grab attention. These boots are also quite well insulated, and many of them have a water resistant layer, and warm fuzzy cushioning on the inside.

A Choice for Anybody

No matter what your style, you can find a great pair of winter boots that really look as great as they perform.   From fashion, to function, a nice pair of women’s winter boots will keep you warm where it counts, and still give   you the look you desire on those beautiful winter nights. 


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      9 years ago

      how did you make those panels Hey Look Online coupons shoes. I thought css was not allowed on hubpages. what module did you use


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