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Create A Hairstyle That You Will Love

Updated on January 19, 2010

Decide the length you want your hair to be. Shorter hair is always easier to manage but many choose to keep their hair long. Sit down and discuss the pros and cons of both styles

Be aware that you will have to style your hair yourself once your home. Some hairstyles require more time and maintance than others.

Consider your hair type. If you have fine hair, choose a haircut that will work with your hair. Thicker hair requires alot more work so you may want to keep it shorter.

Go through some hairstyles in popular magazines and find something you think is appropriate for you and your daily activites such as work. Don't forget to clip out these hairstyles you find and take them to you local hair salon.

Ask the hair stylist for advice on your new look. They may be able to give you suggestions that will make your new haircut even more fabulous.

Thick Hair:

Thick hair can be a good thing or bad, depending on how you look at it and style it. Knowing how to manage thick hair can open doors to many options.

For short hair consider how much time you want to dedicate to styling your hair everyday. For those that have little time or hairstyling savvy, a little pomade though your damp hair works great. This style can be spiced up by adding a flat iron, blow dryer and styling was to separate stands. Short hairstyles can be intricate or simple according to your abilities.

Long hair is popular and those with thick hair ware it very well. A popular trend with thick hair these days is cutting it in layers. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, adding some layers will decrease thickness and weight. Layers will also add movement and increase styling options. Layers can be either kept long or around the front to fram the face and easy styling.

Fine Hair:

Remember that fine hair can be challenging to style. Choose a style that will allow you to make the most out of the thin hair you may have.

Short pixie cuts are popular and super easy. Just add a little mousse or styling gel with minimal blow drying to style to perfection.

Consider a bob cut if you want a little more length, chin length bob cuts work great. Remember to keep it one length for a greater overall look.

Long hair for people with fine hair need a little more management so it does not become damaged. Fine hair needs to be trimmed more often to avoid split ends. Fine hair can also look stringy sometimes if it is too long.

Know your face shape:

Oval faces are a little bit of everything. With an oval shape you can pull of anything. Remember to go with you facial features and personality when you choose your hairstyle.

Long shaped faces look great with bangs, layers, curls and waves. It is imporatant to balance off a long face with width. Remember to keep average length  is possible, a haircut too short or too long will make your face seem longer.

Round shaped people should go for sleek lines and tapered ends because anything with bulk will make a round face look flat. Wild tousled or pixie cuts are a great look for people with round faces.

Square faces need to be softened up, the sharpness of the angular jaw can be softened with curls of waves. Sleek lines will also work with this face tyle but remember to keep it below the jaw line. Also avoid chin length hair and long straight hair unless your hair is thick and has volume.

Heart shaped hair can be balances with more concentration on the top half with fringes or bangs that end at your cheek bones or eyes.


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    • hpxtreme profile image

      hpxtreme 6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks skye2day! :)

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      I am a hair stylist. I was curious. Very good info here. Thank You. I for myself love when my clients bring me a picture so we know we are on the same page. From there we can discuss how this style works for her lifestyle, face, figure, hair type. Most of all will it look Fabulous? Job well done. Blessings.