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Create Your Own Custom-Designed Nike or Adidas Sneakers

Updated on February 25, 2012

Have you ever wanted to have your very own unique sneakers? Now, with the new option given from Nike and Adidas you can create custom-designed sneakers in a few very easy steps. When I discovered this new feature I could not wait to make my own sports shoes. And it is fun, too! You don't have to go shopping for hours to find the perfect and most comfortable sneakers for you. Nike and Adidas give you variety of models,colors and fabrics. You can match them with your clothes and create the perfect style for you!

№1 Clicking on NikeId
№1 Clicking on NikeId | Source
№2 Starting with our "styling"
№2 Starting with our "styling" | Source
№3 Creating our unique ID
№3 Creating our unique ID | Source

How to make our custom-designed NIKE sneakers?

1. First of all, visit the site , click on the right top to login or sign up.

2. Once you've logged in you have to click on "Customize with NikeId" (it is shown on picture №1)

3. Then you have the option to choose what do you want to customize. There is everything from head to toe but now we are going to make our own sneakers, so choose your gender and click on "Shoes".

4. After that you are given the option of many different models. Click on your favorite. The cool thing here is that you see the price.

5. So, you have clicked on your model and NIKE gives you a chance to start over and create your sneakers from scratch or you can use one of their choices. We are going to start from scratch which means we click on "or Start Blank".

6. Then click up here (it is shown on picture №2) and start creating your own style. You have the options of different colors and fabrics. After you are finished with 1(Base & Tongue) click on 2 and so on...

7. So, we have made our own sneakers and the last point is to choose their ID(or this is where you can "sign" them and make them completely unique. On my shoes it is 7(seen on picture №3). Simply you are given the choice to write something on your shoes.

8. Congratulations, we are done with our sneakers. Now you can add them to your cart (click on right top "ADD TO CART") and before that NIKE will ask you to choose your shoe size and quantity.Depending on where you are from you will get to choose from US or EU sizing chart. After you have chosen your size click on your cart on top right, "checkout", add your information and ship them home!

Picture №1,5-Starting to customize
Picture №1,5-Starting to customize | Source

Creating our own sneakers with ADIDAS

1. Visit the site Click on top "My Account" and sign up or log in if you already have an account.

2. When you are logged in click on "Customize" (as you see on picture №1,5). This will lead you to the site : Such as NIKE Adidas has plenty of choice to customize divided into few categories : basketball, originals(casual), training, outdoor, running, soccer and tennis. All you do is click on your gender, choose what kind of shoes you want to wear (picture №2,5)

3. Then click on one of the possible models and then "Customize". Again you are given the option to start with a blank shoe. Choose your gender. Then if you have troubles choosing your size click on "filtering tips" there if you live let's say in France you can see what your size will be in US, watch out for the M and W part. I live in Europe and at first I did not notice that there is US (M) and US (W).

4. After choosing our shoe size, now we are ready to create our own Adidas sneakers. Choose "Start Customizing" You have the choice of different colors and fabrics again, although in Miadidas you are a little limited with some of the combinations. Follow the steps Adidas gives you until you reach the option to add your custom trade mark to your sneakers.(picture №3,5)

5. An interesting feature in Miadidas is the choice of a "lace jewel". You can put a flag jewel on your laces which, I think, is pretty nice.

6. Finally, when you finished customizing your Adidas sneakers click on the right bottom of the window "I'm done customizing". You can review what you have done with your shoes or you can just add it to your cart and ship them. Let us "add to cart" and then click on "checkout". Fill out the form you are given and wait for your custom-designed Adidas sneakers to arrive!

I am very glad that famous brands like Adidas and Nike are interested in what the customer likes and care about his personal needs. Everyone these days wants to be unique and this is a small way to show the world your personal style.


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