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Create Your Own Spa Day

Updated on July 16, 2012

Every lady needs some time to recharge from their busy life and take some time to pamper themselves. A spa day is perfect for this but the bank account isn't always on board with spending hundreds of dollars on a massage and facial. That's when it's time to create your own at home mini vacation.

Friday Night

Do you live alone or with others? If you have roommates try to plan your spa day for when they might be out of town. If you are married or have kids arrange for them to be out of the house by the time you wake up. Perhaps the little ones can sleep at grandma's and the hubby can spent the day at the golf course or maybe he can take the little ones to a near by theme park for the day. How ever you do it try to have be sure that by the time Saturday morning rolls around you have the house to yourself. The last thing you want on your spa day is distractions and interruptions.

Before hitting the sack on Friday you may want to shave your legs and change the sheets on the bed. It might just be a personal preference but I like nothing more than beginning the day with smooth legs and clean sheets on my bed.

Saturday Morning

Before you go to bed be sure all electronics are off and all alarms are canceled. The last thing you want to start your spa day is the sound of an alarm jarring you awake. Sleep in, don't wake up until your body natural wakes on it's own and you feel refreshed and renewed.

Once you feel like rolling out of bed slip on your favorite work out clothes and head to the kitchen for breakfast. A healthy breakfast that you have time to enjoy will set the mood for a day devoted to you. A few options are scrambled egg whites and toast, greek yogurt and blueberries, or a fruit smoothy. Whatever you pick take your time to enjoy it as you flip through the latest issue of a magazine such as Self or Fitness.

Once you are though breakfast take part in a leisurely bit of exercise to get your blood flowing. Go for a walk or slow bike ride, take your time to relax on your yoga mat or meet a friend for a noncompetitive tennis game. Once your finished run a nice warm bubble bath, put on your favorite relaxing music or a track of nature sounds and slip into the water. Spend ten to fifteen minutes just sitting and relaxing in the water. Listen to the music, let your muscles relax and your mind wander as you feel any stress lifting. After a while use any bath products such as salts, butter or soap that you love before getting out.

Saturday Afternoon

After you are out of the bath it's time for lunch. You can fix your own turkey wrap or whatever your favorite healthy lunch is but if you'd rather hit up the nearest deli you can get a tasty sandwich or salad that will fit right in with your spa day.

After a light lunch if you want to spend the money you could make a massage appointment. Other cheaper options are to go to a salon to have a manicure or pedicure or to go get a hair cut complete with a hair wash where they massage your scalp.

If you have been wanting to buy a new bag or pair of shoes a spa day where you have time to yourself is the perfect time to to some indulgent shopping.

Saturday Evening

As your spa day comes to a close have a night out at your favorite restaurant with your girlfriends or with the man in your life. You could even follow up with a romantic comedy at the theater before returning home for an early bedtime and a relaxing end to a relaxing spa day


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