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Create Your Own Sultry Smokey Eye Look

Updated on February 5, 2015

Awesome how to Videos!

Quick Smokey Eye

The deep dark and dramatic look of a smokey eye has always been in style! You may be exiting your "natural look" phase or just want to try out the smokey eye for a special occasion! There are many different tips for creating a smokey eye but the best is to blend! Here is a how to on creating your own sultry smokey eye look!

1. Start with a clean face , you will apply your foundation and cheek color after so smudges can be wiped away easily. Begin by applying an eye primer cream. Of course I love the Mary Kay Eye Primer ($12) Once the primer is dry move on to step two.

2. Eyeliner is applied first. I like black however there are no rules, go for blue, metallic colors, jewel tones or whatever you like! Apply to the top lid at the base of your lash line and gradually thicken the line toward the middle of your lid. Mary Kay has an awesome crayon eyeliner ($12) in seven different hot colors!

3. Draw the eyeliner on your bottom lids and smudge with a eye shadow brush or your clean fingers adding a dash of metallic eyeshadow to the lower lid under the lashes adds some drama as well. I suggest the Mary Kay Professional Brush Set and Case! ($48)

4. Apply your "highlighter" color which adds depth and drama to your lids and makes the smokey lids POP! I love the cream to powder eye cream from Mary Kay ($13). It is available in 5 different shimmery shades and stays on for a very long time! It also helps keep your eye makup in place! Apply the cream shadow from your lash line all the way to your brow in upward sweeping motion and blend well.

5. Choose your dark dramatic smokey lid color! Mary Kay has a huge selection of Mineral eye colors that are perfect ($6.50) I especially like Coal, Sweet Plum and Midnight Starr for the smoky effect. Apply the shadow just to your lower lid up to the crease only and blend, blend, blend in an upward motion with a brush.

6. You may also apply a mid-tone color in the crease for example if you use a coal lid color add some silver to your crease area. Finish with the best Mascara on the planet Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Black ($15) and you are ready to knock em dead with your professional looking "smokey eye!"


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    • katyzzz profile image

      katyzzz 5 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Such an alluring eye and good advice, I think I'm past that stage now, but it's still interesting