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Creative ideas for Valentine's Day manicure. Images of great acrylic and painted fingernails.

Updated on January 30, 2012

Be elegant with intricate designs

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Limitless opportunites for expression

Having beautiful nails helps many women to feel well. Beyond just feeling sexy and playful, having good nails makes a woman feel healthier. There is no better time to feel healthy, sexy and playful than around Valentine's Day.

False or fake nails are one of the most interesting fashion accessories. Easily changed and fixed, it is a quick way to show elegance and finesse, as well as express owner's artistic nature. Fingernails could be coordinated with any outfit and changed for any event.

Some women prefer to grow and then paint their natural fingernails. However, for many this is a difficult option. Natural nails take weeks to grow. They could be brittle and weak. After manicure is done, the nails could not be easily replaced like fake nails. So, if one or two of nails break, the set has to be re-done with shorter nails. Acrylic nails designs are long lasting and very durable. They come in various designs and colors. Acrylic nails could be purchased online or in a professional nail salon.

Whether you decide to grow your own nails or purchased pre-made acrylics, beautiful nails is a must for a woman. Any occasion, any event, any party, any boring day could be colored more interesting with this simple, yet powerful fashion accessory.

For Valentine's Day, people tend to like red and pink colors. But no one said you have to stick with boring solid colors. Get some ideas how to show your playful, sensual, sexy or wild side with nail designs. Place a few sparkles or a large lacey design; draw a single flower or create a whole bouquet; use animals as your inspiration or go for a completely abstract design -there are so many opportunities to express yourself and impress others.

Be sensual with flower designs

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Be playful with your nails

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Acrylic nails

An artist or nail technitian makes acrylic nails designs before placing them on the natural nails. You could also buy fake pre-made fingernails online and glue them yourself. (Make sure to purchase good nail glue.) Variety of false nail designs is endless. There are nails of any color and thousands of choices. Flowers, stars, sparkles and solid colors are the most popular. However, vampire-inspired, animal prints and cartoon characters could be more fun for some special party.

When choosing a design for Valentine's Day, think what you are trying to say. Nails are a very visible accesory, they will be noticed, so express yourself and be heard.

Books about manicure techniques

Show your wild side with animal prints

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    • Queen Bumble Bee profile image

      Queen Bumble Bee 5 years ago from My Queendom

      Thank you for vote up! I really like colorful nails too!

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      LoriSoard 5 years ago from Henryville, Indiana

      So cute. I loved this. Voting up.