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Credit Card Holder Wallet

Updated on July 16, 2014

Ideal Credit Card Holder Wallets for Everyday Use

When you buy a new credit card holder wallet you will need a product that has enough space to store all your credit cards, is safe and secure, and is durable.

Credit cards are valuable and need to be kept in one place. Everyone needs the peace of mind that their cards are safe, but are worried about the size of the card holder, whether it will fit in their pocket easily, or if they can carry all their cash and notes alongside their cards. While all of these considerations are important, it is also desirable to have a credit card holder that is stylish and fashionable, as it will be produced in restaurants and bars as well as in shops. Some of the best credit card wallet holders that reflect buyers' concerns are reviewed here, ranked by their best feature.

RFID Credit Card Holder Wallet

This credit card holder wallet is made from plastic and has an aluminum shell. With seven secure slots to safely hold your credit card the wallet is already secure, but to add to peace of mind the wallet has integrated RFID technology which stops thieves from credit-card scanning your wallet. With credit card crime on the increase, this is a fantastic way for users to beat criminals and to protect their hard earned money. Measuring 3"x4.25"x0.75 the wallet is attractive and easily fits into the pocket.

The concertina style inner allows you to organise your driver's licence, credit cards and pictures easily. The hard casing provides an attractive alternative to traditional leather wallets and durability.

Leather Mini Wallet Credit Card and Cash Coin Holder

Leather Credit Card Wallet for Women

Fashioned in the style of a traditional purse, this genuine leather credit card holder has two pockets and an outside window which is ideal for ID or photographs. This wallet holds a good amount of credit cards in and accordion style in two pockets with zips and measures 4.5" x 3" x 1.5". Because the wallet has a zip-around style, it is ideal for carrying coins and notes in addition to credit cards. This is a major benefit for users who need to keep all their money in one place and access it quickly.

The zipper on the wallet is easy to operate, yet secure, keeping cards and money safe. It is space saving and attractive and would benefit anyone wishing to carry a compact coins and card storage when space is at a premium.

Fine Lambskin Leather Credit Card Wallet Money Clip

Slim Leather Wallet for Men

This genuine lambskin credit card holder wallet is ideal for social events. Slim and compact, it fits easily into any pocket measuring4" x 3 1/8" x 3/8". As well as the compact appearance of this wallet, it features a spring clip money clip to the front. If you are looking for a credit card wallet holder as a gift, this comes with a gift bag and would please anyone looking for an attractive but useful accessory. The general appearance of this wallet is very stylish, and it is made to last with a leather outer and also a leather lining.

There are certain occasions where less is more, and this attractive wallet is ideal for slipping into the pocket and will make a good impression when paying for dinner or purchasing luxury goods. A signature piece, the money clip to the front of the wallet is sprung and secure, yet allows for access to notes in addition to credit cards, holding them securely in place in your pocket.

Genuine Soft Cowhide Leather Credit Card Holder Wallet

Leather Credit Card Holder Wallet

With a total of 26 vinyl sleeves to hold credit cards securely, this wallet if the optimum for storage. Made from Genuine Soft Cowhide Leather, this credit card holder wallet features a fold-over design and fastens with a snap button closure.

At 4" x 3" x 3/4" and weighing 1.8 oz this is a substantial wallet made for cowhide leather, and it will fit easily into the pocket. If you have club membership or loyalty cards in addition to credit cards, this wallet has enough space to provide adequate storage all in one place.

Choosing your Wallet

As you can see from the items above, there are various credit card holder wallets available focused of different best usage, and the best buy depends on the intended use of the item from the buyer's point of view. All the wallets hold credit cards, but different occasions demand different priorities. A special occasion needs a fashionable or stylish credit card wallet holder, while a trip abroad demands security. Many people today need a large storage facility for a wide range of loyalty cards in addition to credit cards. Luckily, the large range of credit card wallet holders available allow buyers to choose from security to style to storage in a good range of materials to keep their credit cards safe in style.


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