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Cristina Handbags

Updated on March 16, 2011

Fashionable, Trendy, and Affordable Cristina Bags - Designer Handbags Made in Italy

A well made, durable brand, Cristina is an Italian designer specializing in leather handbags. A hard to find brand in the United States, the best place to find these handbags in the states is usually by finding them on auction. Occasionally, some discount fashion stores do carry these bags, but that is completely random. If you're looking for a more dependable selection of these bags, there are some listed on this page. Click through any of the bags to find more Cristina handbags by searching. You can also add Cristina bags to your watch list, so when new items come up in the Ebay search, they'll be emailed to you. 

An up close shot of the embossed leather logo of a Cristina bag. Underneath reads "Made in Italy."
An up close shot of the embossed leather logo of a Cristina bag. Underneath reads "Made in Italy."

If you can't find the bag you're looking for, then click through an item to start a search on Ebay for more items like Cristina bags. There usually are not many available, so scoop them up when you do find them.

A Few Things This Brand is Known For:

Cristina bags are exceptionally well made, handcrafted bags that have a reputation amongst those "in the know" for being of the highest quality without being an unreasonable strain on the wallet. With gorgeous leather details, embossing, classically brilliant hardware, and elegant styles, Cristina has made a lot of customers very happy. 

  • Affordable luxury. The attention to detail you'd expect from a high end fashion designer, without the high prices.
  • Beautiful leather details, accents, and high quality zippers
  • Durable. This is a frequent comment amongst Cristina handbag owners. 
  • Usually are large bags with plenty of room in the interior for all of your essentials. 
What's not good about these bags is simply that they are not available often enough in the USA. They are made in Italy, and have no outlets in the United States. If you find a bag, cherish it, and never let go of it! 

Five Reasons Why Cristinas Handbags are a Great Buy

Sure, you could go spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on similar designer brands, but the fact of the matter is there are many up and coming and lesser known designers selling high quality products that are just as dazzling and sophisticated. Cristinas discriminates when it comes to using high quality materials on their bags, which shows in every single bag they've released. Still need to be convinced this is a good purchase? Here are five good reasons why it makes sense to own a Cristina handbag:

  1. It's the same high quality materials you'd expect from much higher priced competitors, sometimes even better quality. Upon examination, many of these bags have much higher quality materials than Coach. 
  2. The price is unbeatable. The retail price on some of these bags are high, but you can find them very cheap available on auction. 
  3. You don't have to worry about counterfeits slowing you down. They don't fake these bags, it's not worth their time. Buy any bag it's pretty much guaranteed it will be authentic.
  4. The style and brand are both something you can carry and know you're the only one carrying it. Be an innovator in style and carry a truly unique addition to your wardrobe!
  5. Attention to detail. Normally, you'd have to pay high prices to get a bag of this caliber, but these are affordable luxury. Meanwhile, with the money you save, you can plan that vacation to the Bahamas you've been thinking about.

Do You Own One of these Handbags? What Do You Think of Them?

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