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Croc Clogs: Plasticky Fad or Ultimate Summer Shoe?

Updated on June 14, 2010

Fashion Statement vs. Functionality

Crocs have been called the most hideous footwear fad since Ugg boots by some fashion critics. So, are Croc Clogs really a fad? According to Google Trends, Crocs have been searched for steadily (especially since they are worn seasonally), with interest picking up in 2006, peaking in mid-2007, and continuing to today.

While fashion no doubt plays a role in this, there is more to the picture. Few other shoes are as water resistant or able to grip in wet environment as Crocs. They surely weren’t developed for reasons of fashion alone. Croc Clogs were designed for boaters, who no doubt have to deal with getting wet now and again. With well-placed ventilation ducts and material resistant to absorption, the clog dries faster and doesn’t start to smell like a locker-room after “the game”.

Ridiculous Array of Color Choices

Do you want your Croc Beach Clogs in Dahlia? No problem. One of the best aspects of Crocs (appearance-wise), is the wide array of color choices available. Earthy tones that blend perfectly with the beach landscape are loved by some while others opt for eye-popping shades that couldn’t be more vivid.

Seeing rainbows?
Seeing rainbows?

Crocs: Beauty or Beast?

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How Comfortable are Clogs?

Crocs use a curious technology to make them more comfortable. As your feet warm the sole, the resin becomes softer and fits better to the unique shape of your foot. Even people that absolutely hate the way Crocs look become addicted to the amazing comfort they provide. For a summer day spent bumming around the pool and barbequing in the back yard, Crocks are the “new Birkenstock”.

Flip flops are favored by some for lazy summer days; however, if you plan walking anywhere, Crocs immediately become the superior choice.

Suitable to Wear in Public?

When Crocs are brought up in conversation, a popular topic is whether Crocs are worthy of wearing in urban landscapes. Surely, Crocs give you little benefit when you are stepping on dry concrete and yet many persist in wearing their Croc Clogs everywhere.

Unless you are up to miscellaneous outdoor activities that day, the more fashion-conscious will opt for something more appropriate. In anything over than very laid-back environments, clogs are best kept on the shoe rack.

Shiny Masterpieces or the MC Hammer Pants of Shoes?

Some people absolutely hate the look of Crocs while others think they look great. This is merely a matter of personal preference.

No matter, if you choose to wear your Crocs, be proud. Who cares if some people don’t think they look good? These folks probably aren’t aware just how comfortable Crocs are. The age old fashion rule of thumb is that great looking wearables often achieve this at the expense of comfort, while comfortable items rarely have knock-out looks.

How Much do Crocs Cost?

Crocs own much of their popularity to the extremely affordable price they can be had at. For example, a pair of Endeavor Clogs often sell for less than thirty dollars. At that price you can have a rainbow of color variations in your collection without breaking the bank.


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