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Black Womens Croc Sandals - Croct Sandala Small Feet Buy Online and Save Amazoncrock

Updated on April 6, 2012

Classic Croc

The classic croc is amazing. I work in health care and when crocs first came out I was a little reluctant to try them. I thought that there was just no way that these shoes would hold up and keep my feet comfortable after 12 hours of standing, walking, stooping and running as a nurse. But to my surprise, they have become my favorite shoe! I cannot imagine working a long shift w/out them ever again.

So after a year or so of wearing my crocs to work (still wearing the original pair by the way) I decided to give the sandals a try. I figured that if they worked so well at work then certainly they must feel just as well as a sandal. I was right! I purchased the slingback style in brown, then went back and ordered the blue and black! I recommend the croc sandals for anyone who wants comfort, style and affordable footwear!

*Prices shown may be incorrect, please click on the link provided to assure receiving the sale or discounted price*

Sling-back Sandal

These sandals are so lightweight and comfortable. They slip on nicely and easily. The strap in the back holds my foot in securely and they have a comfortable insole that hugs the sandal to your foot so it doesn't feel as bulky as some other sandals by croc have. Love these sandals!

The 'Patricia' Sandal

Personally I love these shoes for the pool or beach. As with any of the crocs, this sandal is waterproof and lightweight. It has what feels to me as extra cushion on the bed of the sandal as it is much more comfortable than the classic croc. Patricia sandals are a perfect, must-have for your beach bag this summer.

Madeira Sandal

Are you joking? If you don't think these sandals are a must-have then I reallydon'tknow what to say. Comfortable and lightweight as always but they are two-toned! Colors galore with choices of blue and light blue, pink and more pink, and brown and cream, just to name a few. It offers just a bit of heel so it is good for walking and dating!

These are definitelyon my list of buys this summer.

Sately Slide

These sandals are so cute that you could wear them to a barbeque or a night out with the girls! The footbed is covered with massaging nubs that soothe your feet with each step. The heel measures 3", so show off those legs you've worked so hard on!

Farrah Wedge Sandal

Love LOve LOVE IT! Oh my goodness, when I saw this croc I knew it must be mine! Imagine a sundress and this sandal? Gorgeous right? Offering a 3" heel and numerous colors to choose from, this is a no brainer.

No matter what style you choose, you are sure to win big with croc sandals. Take it from feet never felt so good!


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