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Crochet Is The New Fashion Trend

Updated on November 26, 2012

Crochet is Back!

For a long while crochet was seen as something, along with knitting, that your grandmother or mother would do while sat in front of the television or the fire! I know that when i was a child I had a few crocheted waistcoats in flower squares patterns (which I loved at the time but after a while looked very old-fashioned!). Crocheted clothes were really associated with the hippy years of the 70's but as with everything in fashion, styles seem to rotate every few decades.

Well it seems that crocheting is now making a comeback and the first place that this has been seen is in the collections of some of the fashion designers at their shows.

Crochet dresses are the new fashion trend!
Crochet dresses are the new fashion trend!

Fashion Designers Using Crochet

So, some of the fashion designers that have used crochet in their collections are:

  • Oscar de la Renta - you can get a crocheted silk dress 
  • Proenza Schouler - black and neon crochet skirt
  • Christopher Kane embedded crochet into a sweatshirt.
In addition to this, some of the main high street retailers have fashion clothing that has a crocheted element or is completely crocheted. Crochet dresses seem to be the big thing with lengths mostly above the knee. Stores like Net-a-Porter, Sass & Bide, Missoni and Top Shop are all offering crochet items.

How Do You Crochet?

Crochet is done with one needle (for simple patterns) and is similar to knitting. It is quite easy to learn to crochet using simple stitches but it is also possible to create quite complex designs. There are plenty of online video tutorials that will teach you how to crochet, or else set yourself up with a good book and a few hours to spare and you will soon pick it up. 

Crochet needles come in different sizes depending on the pattern you are following and there are plenty of quality needle sets available at good prices. You will need a pattern to follow and there are a multitude of these available either online or to buy. Just beware if you are beginning that most patterns come with abbreviated instructions so you will need to know what the abbreviations stand for if you have not done much crocheting before. Again, a good crochet book can help you with this.

There are plenty of yarns available for use in crochet patterns and some are more easy to use than others. Check first of all with the pattern you have as to what yarns are suitable and maybe start off with cheaper acrylic yarns until you get more experienced. Although acrylic yarns may feel a little rough to start with, after washing they will feel softer and they will also not shrink which may happen with cotton or specialty yarns.

Not Only Clothes But Also Furnishings

One of the big trends recently is the comeback of the multi-colored Afghan blankets that were crocheted in squares by your granny back in the 70s. These are now a high fashion item and original blankets from the 70s can demand high prices.

Perhaps you can make your own or if not there are quite a few available on eBay in a range of designs and prices. Some are modern interpretations and some are original items. The eclectic look of these blankets can either add color to an otherwise bland room, or just at a touch of retro chic to a 70s inspired house or room.

Use them as a throw on sofas, chairs and beds or as a wall hanging in a large hallway.


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