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Crocs Tone Toning Shoes

Updated on April 30, 2012

They have taken their time, but at long last Crocs have joined the legions of footwear manufacturers now offering the chance to turn each and every step into a thigh firming and calf crunching workout, with the launch of their Crocs Tone Shoes.

However in contrast to most toning shoes released to date, Crocs have designed their shoes with the toning technology well hidden, and the Crocs Tone shoes are virtually unnoticeable as toning shoes

The new footwear range uses a brand new toning design, crafted from the same wonder Croslite material which makes Crocs shoes so comfortable to wear. The initial response from early customers is that the new Crocs Tone shoes are just as comfortable as their predecessors, and makes them some of the most comfortable tone shoes on the market, and arguably the most stylish. If you like rubber shoes that is.

The shoes have been released to fill the gap in the toning shoes market for high quality, comfortable casual shoes which can be worn on all occasions throughout the day. They can be mixed and matched with a wide choice of outfits to maximize the occasions on which they can be worn. By offering a cool and fashionable design, the shoes get worn more often and the wearer gets the maximum wellness benefits.

The Crocs Tone Skylar Clog
The Crocs Tone Skylar Clog

The Technology Underfoot

Crocs have developed an innovative new design for their toning shoes with the toning technology fitting into the shoes without increasing the height of the midsole . Crocs use a three layer design hidden away in the soles of the shoes. Constructed from Crocs proprietary Croslite™ material technology, the shoes are incredibly lightweight, highly durable and springy and bouncy to make walking fun and pleasurable.

Crocs are well known for their comfort, and the Crocs Tone range continues this fine tradition. The Croslite insole is soft and springy under foot creating a sensation of walking on pillows such is the shock absorption and comfort. The foot is well supported, and the footbed adopts the shape of the wearer’s foot for a snug and highly personal fit.  The bones and muscles of the feet are allowed to align naturally, and are given plenty of room to move freely. The footbed cradles the foot, and helps to reduce foot fatigue and premature tiring of the leg muscles for maximum comfort for even a long day on the feet. 

The Crocs Tone muscle stimulating outsole
The Crocs Tone muscle stimulating outsole

The next layer in the design is the toning ring, a component which runs around the perimeter of the shoes and helps to improve stability, giving extra support for the feet. However as the name suggests, it is also responsible for activating key muscles in the lower and upper legs by making small shifts in foot movement throughout the stride.

The most noticeable layer is the outsole, which features two spherical pods located on the heel and in the forefoot, which create an unstable base to the shoes. Whilst they seem quite noticeable when you look at the shoes, the sculpted rubber pods compress under the body weight and are hardly noticeable when standing or walking. However the muscles will feel it at the end of the day, with the uneven base triggering increased muscle activity throughout the lower body. 

The Crocs Tone Skylar Sling Back
The Crocs Tone Skylar Sling Back

Crocs Tone Styles

Initially the range has been released in 8 colour schemes with two styles of shoe; the classic Crocs Clog style and a sleek and sexy sling back sandal. The range is due to be expanded in the spring with the addition of a sleeker Clog style, a new sandal and a flip-flop version. You can rest assured that Crocs will bring their extensive palate of colours to their toning shoe range in due course, to maximise their appeal and give plenty of scope for expression and combination with a wide range of outfits.

With the comfort of crocs, the lower body toning benefits of toning shoes, and highly colourful and fashionable styling, the shoes are sure to be a huge hit with women looking to get that little bit more from their footwear.

The shoes are released on the back of the announcement by the U.S Surgeon General that Americans should be getting at least 10,000 steps clocked up each day to improve wellness, and if each of those is taken in the Crocs Tone, the wellness benefits are increased significantly.

For anyone toying with the idea of trying out toning shoes, but has been up off by unattractive styling and an $80 price tag, these could well be enough to get them started. The shoes are released with an RRP of under $50 a pair for the sling backs and under $60 for the clogs, making them some of the cheapest toning shoes available. It may well be the extra incentive that women need to give toning shoes a try. 


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