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Cropped Pants | Fashion Wins Over Weather

Updated on August 26, 2010

Is the weather temperamental and nebulous where you are? Does it swing between being pretty warm and slightly cold? Does it befuddle you when it comes to clothing choices? Finally, you can beat the capricious nature of the weather by wearing a pair of cropped pants.

What are cropped pants? Put simply, they are pants that are cropped. They were once known as 3/4 pants, but that terminology has gone out the window and the word 'cropped' appears to be here to stay. Cropped pants usually end somewhere around mid calf (usually towards the ankle, showing off a band of uncovered calf in a most bawdy fashion,) and are often tapered or sometimes are skinny legged to begin with. The difference between tapered and skinny cropped pants is quite considerable, and one should never make the mistake of treating all cropped pants as if they were the same thing.

Skinny or 'fitted' cropped pants work well for slim figures, young people who worry about their hair a lot and mature women who like to look contemporary and stylish, as well as accountants, lawyers, and women named Susan. In other words, they work for most people. 

Tapered cropped pants, that is, cropped pants that start out loose and flowing and rather free spirited, but go on something of an emotional journey as they approach the knee and end up all uptight and close around the lower reaches of the leg are not for the faint hearted. In many respects, they are the spiritual pant children of MC Hammer style harem pants.One who wears tapered cropped pants risks appearing somewhat bohemian and alternative in the eyes of others.

However, if you like your backside to have a bit of room to move and you aspire to looking somewhat genie like in your everyday travels, and you're not intending on attending any political summits where you could be mistaken for an instigator,  then there is no reason why you should not embrace the more whimsical tapered cropped pant.

Keep in mind, if you're going to be billowing about your butt and thighs, it might pay to wear a fitting top to balance out the look. If you're going to be wearing tight tapered pants, then you can go with the popular tunic look that is so in right now. It's not only flattering and feminine, it also wards off muffin tops with incredible effectiveness.

Not shorts. Not pants. The cropped pant.


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