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Crossdressing Hair

Updated on April 6, 2013

One of the obstacles for crossdressers to look feminine is the hair. Having long thick hair is a beautiful sign of femininity and there’s no substitute for the sensation of long flowing hair that brushes over your shoulders. You have several possibilities for getting the hair of your dreams and look like a lady.

If you’re already lucky enough to have naturally thick hair, then please grow it out while you still can. I love long hair on men and many people do. Also it's a shame to keep cutting off what you might one day no longer have. With long hair, your styling options are so numerous too. Just wearing pigtails is really really feminine and cute. Also, you can curl it and try various up dos. These things are lots of fun and you deserve to experience them.

Unfortunately, most men aren’t so lucky. Many have thinning hair, are already bald or just can’t grow it long enough to do things like curling it or tying it into various ponytails. Please check out my article on hair loss for dealing with that. But here I want to tell you what you can do, even if you can’t solve the hair loss problem any time soon.

Hats and Scarves

There is a whole world of beautiful feminine head wear and having little or no hair makes it a lot easier because there’s no hairstyle to mess up or squash flat. One of my favorite is the feminine type ushanka (that Russian style hat). Especially the big and white ones can bring out pretty facial features really well – often better than long hair can. They’re especially good at bringing out beautiful eyes – so make sure you try some mascara to bring out the effect. If and when my bf goes bald I'm going to buy him one of these.

So go shopping for hats and discover all the possibilities you have for looking beautiful without hair.


The most obvious one I left last. This is no doubt what most crossdressers resort to. Even many who have full hair still keep it short and wear a wig when they want to look feminine. I suppose they have a job that requires them to keep their hair short or something like that. I still think that is not a good reason but I won’t get into that now.

Wigs are loads of fun. The best part is how much easier it is to change your style compared with the hours of styling your own hair. You should know that you usually pay for what you get. Meaning that you will not find a good quality wig for 20$. In fact, you should recon with hundreds or even thousands (yes, I’m afraid so) if you want a human hair wig. But you can also get quite convincing synthetic wigs.

Be sure to choose the color carefully. Don’t just go for that bombshell blond that you’ve always dreamed of without matching it to your skin tone and eye color (most importantly your eyebrows).

You also need to be able to try it on and check the quality first hand. That makes online shopping for wigs somewhat difficult but still doable. Besides, as usual, shopping around and looking for your dream wig is often the most fun part.

What should a crossdresser do if he doesn't have feminine hair by nature?

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    • profile image

      Steph65 12 months ago

      I would love to grow my hair long but to get it close to my shoulder length would take me 5 years at least. So I either do the hat or the wig and cut my own really short

    • profile image

      Doug 4 years ago

      If you buy a good quality wig, you can take it to a stylist who can cut it, shape it, and possibly color it to give you a great look.

      Too many crossdressers buy wigs with thick bangs to cover thick eyebrows, but if the cut is not in style, it only draws attention to the fact that you're wearing a wig.

      I love longer wigs because I like the feeling of hair falling on my back. Unfortunately, wigs can get pretty hot and uncomfortable in the summer.

    • Lucy83 profile image

      Lucy83 5 years ago

      Curly hair rocks. If I had any say, then you would let it grow long.

      What you can do with curly hair? Well depends on what you want to do really. If you don't like curls you can straighten them with a flat iron or a chemical straightener (like a perm in reverse).

      If you do let it grow, then you'll notice how hard it can be to keep the curls defined (not to mention the untangling). Check out some curl defining styling products but don't use too much or the hair will become stiff and wiry (unless that's what you want). Most people hate frizz (not me thought) and curly hair LOVES to frizz up. Especially brushes and humidity encourage that.

      That's all very general stuff though. Without more detail on what you have in mind, I can't say much more.

    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      Hi Lucy I was just curious I am not a crossdresser but is there anything you can do with curly hair because my hair is naturally very curly and I was wondering. I have my hair shaved off in the summer to keep my head cool and some people are dissapointed when it gets shaved off because they tell me it looks so good.

    • jenisis profile image

      jenisis 6 years ago

      Guy's try to grow your own hair out. I am a guy that also sports a chin length bob haircut. I like to see a good looking bob haircut on women,and to me it is very sexy cut. I like it so much,that I decided to try it myself. And I love it. It is a very versatile style for a man or woman. During the day, I can use gel and brush it back for normal guy wear, but usually I like to straighten (flat iron)it,and curl it under for regular everday wear. And for when I am feeling girly,and want a feminine look to it, I can scrunch it, or sometimes even curl it. I love my bob haircut, and I have never had a haircut that has brought me so much attention,and so many compliments from the ladys. I have noticed that more guys are growing their hair longer, but most are not styled. Try it, you might like it too!