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Crows Feet and Forehead Wrinkles- Can You Get Rid of Wrinkles? Remedies

Updated on April 15, 2016


One of a woman's biggest fears- Wrinkles and Crow's Feet!

Of course it is something that no one looks forward to, and yet it is inevitable. Wrinkles.

Wrinkles on the side of the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles on the sides of your mouth....the list goes on and on.

And yet we still look for a good answer as to how to get rid of them. We will never be able to avoid getting them. Sorry ladies! But you sure can soften the appearance of them, and also slow the process with some cheap and quick solutions.

Please keep in mind that make-up (if applied too thick) can make the wrinkles look worse.

Also keep in mind that as we get older, even though we wish to keep a youthful appearance- there is a bit of satisfaction in knowing that you earned those wrinkles! If you can first learn to be o.k. with a few extra lines, you will manage your skin much better- knowing that there is no need to stress about it. Stress is going to just keep adding to the wrinkles anyway- so why do it?

Tip # 1; Stop stressing and start relaxing- and yes this DOES provide immediate relief.

Look at someone who is stressed to their maximum- and notice the difference in the way they look when they have just gotten back from a nice relaxing vacation. It is very obvious that lines are added to the face when under a lot of stress.

Now go and get some much needed TLC- and you take at least 5 years off of your face.

A Cucumber For Tired Eyes

Well......Cucumbers won't actually keep the wrinkles AAWAAY. But they do help with tired looking eyes. Tired eyes enhance the wrinkles- and that you DON'T want.

Cucumbers are excellent for the skin. Cutting the cucumber into slices and laying them over your eyes for even just a few minutes a day does wonders!

Just like you have seen on T.V. for years and years- yes this trick actually works. The cucumbers will soften the skin naturally- and make any puffiness around the eye area MUCH less noticeable, not to mention the smell! Cucumber will leave your skin with a wonderful fresh scent.

Rub the cucumber slices all over your face (don't forget those forehead wrinkles!) This helps with that too. Keeping the forehead moisturized is important- and ladies tend to miss this area most. The forehead is just as important in keeping a younger look as is any part of your face.

Vitamin E and Olive Oils

Both are excellent moisturizers, as well as good for ingesting. Don't forget that anything you put on your face (any skin for that matter)- you may as well have eaten it. It goes right into your system. Using these natural oils will keep you gently moisturized without all of the chemicals.

I like to actually put vitamin E oil all over my face right before I get into the shower, I use liquid eyeliner and mascara on a daily basis, so I put the oil on my face which makes getting the make-up off much easier. I gently rub around the eye area- and it is important to know that if if you rub one direction- you should rub exactly the opposite direction in the same spot. Skin has elasticity, and you don't want to "stretch" it all one way- once it's stretched it won't go back.

The main reason for using the oil to wash off your makeup is pretty much common sense. When you use soap or cleansers to wash your face, you are stripping away your own oils. What do we need to prevent or SLOW DOWN the wrinkles in the first place? Oil.

We lose moisture as we age. We all know this!

If you use the oils in place of your "cleanser," you are NOT stripping away your own oil. Not to mention, I think that the oil takes the makeup off so much easier than the cleansers and soaps. Try this just ONE time and you will see that I'm right.

You won't have skin irritations anymore, and your face will be absolutely glowing when you get done. I promise you that if you have not tried this - when you DO, you will be left wondering why you hadn't been doing it all of these years.

If you are still young, then this tip will REALLY help you since it is so much easier to maintain what you have than it is to actually reverse any damage.

Avocado (Fresh) Or AvacadoOil

Another good and natural item is avocado. Simply cut the avocado and scoop out some of the good green gooey stuff and mix with olive oil. No need to measure anything, just make it gooey. Rub all over your clean face and let it dry. This works as a mask, and moisturizes your skin wonderfully! You will be amazed the next day at how your skin looks "a little different."

I am a smoker myself (bad bad) especially for those lines around the mouth. So I make sure that I moisturize the outer mouth are frequently. I cake the paste on and let it do its magic.

If you DO want to make things a little bit easier on yourself, you can always use the avacado oil. This will save you time as well as the mess from cutting the avacado.

I have found that this oil is GREAT to put on before you put your makeup on. It works very well as a primer, as well as working on your face all day!

I also put use this oil around my eyes at night after I wash my makeup off. It has helped TREMENDOUSLY with my crow's feet. While the crow's feet never truly "go away," it softens that skin so that the lines are not as defined.

Hyaluronic Acid...DOES it Work?

Yes it does. Study after study has proven the benefits of hyaluronic acid on the skin.

The very positive thing about this ingredient is that it is safe for all skin types. Oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin! It works on them all.

I can tell you personally that I hesitate any time it comes to store bought moisturizing products. They are expensive, and usually- you don't see much of a difference.

I kept reading about hyaluronic acid over and over and over.... kept hearing it talked about on doctor shows on television etc. I couldn't help but try this one out.

You put this cream on and your face stays moisturized all day long. Within a few weeks you really start noticing the difference in the depth of your lines. It really seems to plump the skin so that you just look younger.

I like to use this every other day because I still like to use oils to moisturize naturally. But working this into your daily beauty routine will do nothing but benefit you. I love it.

Keep the Crows Feet Away with Sunglasses

SUNGLASSES. Sunglasses are important people! All the squinting you do in a day from the sunlight causes extra un-needed lines around your eyes and on your forehead. Not to mention, it is SO important to protect the delicate skin around your eyes from UV rays.

Sunglasses protect your eyes themselves too. I have an uncle that lost an eye to cancer. The doctors told him that if he would have simply worn sunglasses, it most like would not have happened.

For these 2 reasons, it is so important that you wear them outside all of the time. Yes, even when it's raining.

Sunglasses! Wear THEM!

Stop Frowning and Learn to be Happy, Prevent Wrinkles

Yes- LEARN to be happy. Being happy is your choice- and your mission in life.

Someone who goes around all of the time upset and complaining- look at them by the time they hit 30(ish). You will find that they have more wrinkles than the person who has made a choice to just be happy.

Frowning will make the lines around your mouth AND eyes deeper much quicker- and eventually you will have a "natural" looking frown permanently.


Of course...Water Water To Fight Crow's Feet

Don't forget to drink as much water as you can throughout the day. We already know- our bodies are made up of mostly WATER, so drinking water must be very important.

Even though this is NOT my favorite thing in the world to do either- it is a must. Water keeps us hydrated and will slow down the "wrinkling process."


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