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Cruelty Free Sunscreens, Sunless Tanning Lotion and After Sun Care

Updated on November 12, 2009

When considering sun protection and tanning lotion product, there are many choices out there based on fragrance, effect and price. But one often overlooked quality of these skin care products is whether they are cruelty free.

What are cruelty free products? They are products that have not been tested on animals.  So you can rest assured that the un-necessary lab testing of a product on an animal was not performed during the creation of your product.

Cruelty Free Sunscreens

Kiss My Face, a beauty line that prides themselves on being cruelty free by making products that are not tested on animals nor use animal ingredients, makes several products to protect your skin from the sun, including Everyday SPF 15 Moisturizer, Sun Spray SPF 30, Cell Block SPF 15 Facial Crème and Organic Hot Spots SPF 3.

Other brands with cruelty free sun protection including Clinique with their City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 15; Dermalogica with Full Spectrum Block & Wipes SPF 15, Ultra Sensitve Faceblock SPF25, Waterproof Solar Spray SPF 25 and more; Bath and Body Works with their Pure Simplicity Orange Peel Moisturizing Face Block SPF 15; and Bronzo Sensuale with several sunscreen products to choose from.

Kiss My Face Sunscreen and After Sun Products
Kiss My Face Sunscreen and After Sun Products

Cruelty Free Sunless Tanners

Companies that offer cruelty free sunless tanning lotions and products include Bonne Bell with Gel Bronze; Bronze Sensuale with Auto Solaré Self Tanning Carrot Lotion; California North with Titanium Self Tanner; Clinique Self-Tanning Body Balm & Spray; Dermalogica with Protective Self Tan SPF 15; Kiss My Face with Instant Sunless Tanner With Walnut Shell Extract; and Strong Products with Beach Sunless Tanning Lotions in Pear Berry, Coconut, and Raspberry Vanilla.

Alba Skincare Products
Alba Skincare Products

Cruelty Free After Sun Moisturizers

After sun moisturizers are very important in developing a rich tan, whether you are doing it through sunbathing or in a tanning bed.  Abra Therapeutics offers a Recovery Gotu Kola PhytoSerum for overexposure to sun and sunburn. Bonne Bell and Dermalogica makes after sun lotion & repair. Bronze Sensuale provides Apre Solaré After Sun Carrot Lotion and Aloe Gele Burn Relief Carrot Lotion. Kiss My Face makes After Sun Aloe Soother With Jewelweed & Yucca. Malibu Sun creations include Moisturizing After Sun Lotion Spray and Soothing After Sun Lotion.

Why Choose Cruelty Free?


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