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Cruising In Your Monokini

Updated on December 24, 2013

When you are a swimwear enthusiast, you always think about where your next vacation will take you so that you can wear your fabulous new swimsuit. Many people vacation during the summertime when the weather is warm, school is out, and they have requested enough time off at work to get the heck out of town for a breather. Others, however, enjoy taking their vacations when the beaches are not as crowded--during the holiday season, or winter in general. One of the best options during the winter months for a quick getaway is all aboard a nice cruise to sail the high seas in style!

Cruise Ship
Cruise Ship

If you ever been to South Florida, you will see how many cruise ships head out from the various port locations along the coast. The busiest time is from mid-December to mid-April, where the boats head to islands such as Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, or Aruba. If you are one of the lucky ones taking a vacation during the holidays, then make sure before you go you take with you your favorite new swimwear. A cruise sailing the Caribbean islands is a coveted vacation with sun, a good time on the ship, and beautiful islands to enjoy, so why not rock your best/

If you are someone who enjoys a little bit of the old world, you may enjoy a cruise in the Mediterranean. Their peak season is from April-October – perfect time for Americans to head over to Europe for the summer and enjoy some of the sunshine we're missing in the states. In the Mediterranean, you can explore Italy, France, Spain and Greece, which gives a different cultural experience from the Caribbean. The scenery and clear blue water showcases their intricate architecture and alluring destinations.

AguaClara Destellos Black Monokini

There are so many fabulous cruise lines out there ready to whisk you away to multiple locations across the globe. The vacation destinations are practically limitless. And if you’re going to be traveling from country to country or island to island, one of the most important things to pack is your swimsuit. And because cruises are filled with people from all walks of life and all ages, we suggest a monokini swimsuit not only for versatility, but for style as well. They provide a conservative look with a little sex appeal (for all you honeymooners out there). Monokini swimsuits have been a huge trend in swimwear for the past few years and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Pily Q Glam Monokini

Monokinis are the perfect choice for a cruise getaway. While the original monokini was a bikini swimsuit without a top, the current fashion trend in monokinis is a revealing one piece bathing suit with cut outs throughout. Monokinis are a cross between a one piece bathing suit and a bikini. Some styles feature a bikini design with added material connecting the two pieces for a sexy and flirty one piece bathing suit. Other styles are "cut-out" bathing suits, in which part of the middle section (along one or both sides) have been removed for a bare-all one piece bathing suit.

Sabz Arabesque Monokini

Wherever you choose to cruise, make sure to take a swimsuit you are comfortable and confident to wear. Monokini’s are a great option to bring along for a weekend cruise, or even a week long vacation. Hey, you’ll be on a boat with the same people for a consecutive amount of days, you have to look good!

Check out how to make your own monokini in a flash!

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