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Cubic Zirconia Bracelets – Reasons Why You'll Love The Option

Updated on September 16, 2009

When it comes to Cubic Zirconia bracelets, this is what every potential buyer needs to know.  Cubic zirconia, while technically “fake” diamonds, are, in many ways, probably a lot closer to the real thing than you might imagine.  Their basic structure is the same, and even the hardness that diamonds are so well known for, aren't that much different than the CZ variety. The visual appearance of a diamond versus a cubic zirconia stone are quite similar as well.

To the untrained eye, you may not be able to tell the difference between Cubic Zirconia and a real diamond at all

While a very well-trained I may be able to tell the difference quickly, it's not uncommon to need a certified gemologist with specific tools to make certain of whether or not the stone is the real thing or not. So if you're on the fence wondering whether cubic zirconia bracelets are going to clearly look like a cheap knockoff, I have good news for you. It won't. While designs may vary, the stones themselves will be brilliant.

flickr photo by paparutzi
flickr photo by paparutzi

If you're wondering what cubic zirconia actually is, the truth is that it's basically the same thing as a real diamond. They're both crystalline structures that are formed under intense heat, however the big difference is that diamonds occur naturally in the ground and take millions of years to form as opposed to cubic zirconia which is created in the laboratory. Because of that, the fact that one is a limited resource while the other can be manufactured it will, there's a tremendous difference in the value of the stones. Other than that though, the similarities are quite striking.

You probably know that diamonds are considered the hardest substance with a rating of 10.0 on the mohs scale. You might be surprised to learn that the CZ stone is also very hard and would rank about an 8.52 and 9.0. The reason of hardness is so important is that it plays at critical role in the cutting of the facets on the stone. In the facets, in turn, are what are responsible for the shimmering brilliance of a gemstone. The harder the stone, the sharper and more intricate the cuts possible on that. And with that, you get greater and greater light reflection and refraction.

In addition, an added benefit of cubic zirconia's hardness is the fact that it can easily withstand the day-to-day abuse but often is inflicted upon jewelry. So whether you're talking about cubic zirconia rings, or cubic zirconia bracelets, while both can get banged around quite a bit, they'll both withstand it and will look great for a very long time, minimizing the stress that sometimes comes from wearing beautiful jewelry.

flickr photo by paparutzi
flickr photo by paparutzi

Another stress inducing aspect of beautiful jewelry is the attention that it draws. Sure, like everyone to admire it, but there is always the concern of drawing attention from the wrong kind of person. Namely thieves. For this reason, even people who are able to afford the most exquisite and expensive jewelry in the world often have backup copies made out of cubic zirconia. This helps ensure the safety of not only the jewelry, but of the jewelry wearer as well. Once again, what's the point of beautiful jewelry if you're stressed out about it every time you wear it?

At this point you might be wondering what other differences there are a few were to do a side-by-side comparison between real diamonds and fake diamonds. After all, even if the cubic zirconia bracelet is very affordable, if it looks like a piece of junk, who's going to want to wear it? The good news is that fine cubic zirconia jewelry is far from looking like junk. They can be absolutely gorgeous.

One of the differences between a real diamond in a cubic zirconia stone is the flashes of color you'll see coming from it. With a CZ stone you'll see less white flashes (this is known as brilliance), and you'll see much more color flashes (this is what's referred to as “fire”). Also, the color of the actual stone itself (not the color of the light has retracted from it), is much more pure or with cubic zirconia.  In fact, on the diamond color scale, where D is the highest rating, meaning absolutely colorless, is where the stone in your cubic zirconia jewelry will rank. In real diamonds a D rating is nearly impossible to locate. Because of this, if you had a D. rated diamond, they would be among the most valuable in the world. So while it may not be all that “realistic”, who cares, right? It's all good! Your fine cubic zirconia jewelry might as well look like the most exquisite jewelry on the planet.

Finally, here is the real difference. Cost. How much of a difference? A lot. LOT...

For example, a decent quality one carat diamond will probably cost you somewhere around $4000. To get the same sized cubic Circle near stone, and remember, it'll be the absolute highest quality on the diamond scale, will cost you oh... about $10. Yep, you read that right. 10 bucks. Any wonder why cubic zirconia is so popular?

While I really wouldn't recommend cubic zirconia wedding sets, unless of course everyone is on board with the whole concept, having what looks and feels like absolute world-class jewelry at a very affordable swap meet price is a brilliant option. Really, if you're getting married why not get some cubic zirconia earrings and spend the difference on a fantastic honeymoon, new house, or whatever else might kick off your new lives together in style.

Do you see what I mean about cubic zirconia? It can allow people to be classy, in style, and still on budget. It has pretty much all the same qualities as a real diamond, because in essence, it is a real diamond, it's just that it was created in the lab. To the general, naked, untrained eye nor will know the difference. You won't have to sweat the possibly of losing your precious cubic zirconia bracelets, earrings, necklaces or whatever, because it won't crush you financially if it does happen. After all, at about 10 bucks for a one carat, even in today's economy, that's probably doable.

And that should about do it. If you're on the fence as to whether or not to spring for that fancy jewelry, now you know that a cubic zirconia version might be a great way for you to go. Believe me, I've seen some of the most beautiful cubic zirconia bracelets you can imagine. They sure didn't cost $1 million, but it sure looks like the ladies that were wearing them felt like a million bucks!


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