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Great Gifts Cufflinks are Classic Cool! Buy Online

Updated on April 14, 2015

Cufflinks are classic, cool and sexy too!

My best friend wears cuff links with every suit every day. Yes, the formal look is very classic - that goes without saying. And cuff links are universal. Cufflinks are not just for European, the Americans are getting the hang of cuff links once again too!

But are cuff links cool and sexy too? Absolutely!

Journey with me as we review who is wearing cuff links. Review the vintage and modern designs. Enjoy this great cross-cultural detail. Be sure to watch the fun video at the very end! Dance and smile and enjoy this classic sexy style!

If the Suit Makes the Man, then Cuff Links Make the Gentleman!

The ultimate gentleman, of course, is 007, James Bond. Cool with the ladies, cool under fire and yet always the consummate gentleman with a statement of subtle, quiet elegance. And every tuxedo in every Bond film is denoted by cuff links!

Cuff Links from Elegant to Sporty to Whimsical

Elegant cuff links on white shirt and dark jacket
Elegant cuff links on white shirt and dark jacket
electric guitar cuff links
electric guitar cuff links
elegant sail boat cuff links
elegant sail boat cuff links
silver cuff links
silver cuff links
coca cola whimsical bottle cap cuff link
coca cola whimsical bottle cap cuff link
Photo of Lombardi cuff link
Photo of Lombardi cuff link
blue and silver whimsical propeller cull links
blue and silver whimsical propeller cull links
royal blue enamel and crystal cuff links in silver
royal blue enamel and crystal cuff links in silver
royal blue enamel elegant cuff link in silver
royal blue enamel elegant cuff link in silver

Casual Attire Works for These Fun Cuff link Accessories Too!

Showcase your personality. Wear a little more color, choose a cufflink with more personality. Matthew McConaughey who is very well known for his beach movies, ironically will wear cuff links even when dressed casually! This makes a clear statement of who he is, his personality is deeper than just the beach surf boy.

Cufflinks Demand Authority

Cuff links make a statement. In the business setting, they always command authority. If you are young and work in a corporate environment and desire to get ahead, go ahead, get noticed. Get noticed the right way, incorporate cufflinks into your wardrobe and I guarantee you will turn heads, get noticed and get ahead. Cufflinks are not just for 007, JFK and Presidents, they are also for young, brilliant businessmen who know they must command authority to get their ideas across.

Great Gift

I love the variety of cufflinks and I love the variety of price points. I have purchased great cuff links from $4 to $40. Yes, eBay has some great buys - IF you spend the time to hunt them down. My threshold accordingly to my checkbook is always $40. I would love some of the expensive cuff links but the checkbook as usual rules.

I love the challenge of finding the very best cufflink for a gift. It is fun and very personal. Remember, it is the thought that goes behind the gift is the critical item - not the price. If your loved one, father, brother, spouse, boyfriend has an affinity for horses, cars, sports, chances are you can readily find a cufflink that compliments their hobby.

The great item about cufflinks is that you can easily match them with your friends' personality.

Cufflinks Are Elegant and Sexy!

Look Who is Wearing Cufflinks!

Both John F. Kennedy and his son JFK, Jr. were known to always have cuff links with their formal suits.

Clark Gable and Rock Hudson are also fondly remembered for their "lack of buttons on their wrists".

And 007's statement of elegance was not just his fast cars, fast women, luxury yachts but also his tuxedo always impeccably dressed completely with what? Cufflinks and a full matching stud set.

Sexy - must definitely!

Other Favorites - The Blues

Look at the fine workmanship these cuff links have - precious metals, semi-precious metals, elaborate enamels, crystals and more! The range of artistry is simply amazing. Which makes the cuff link work all that much more inspiring - not just for gift giving but for wearing and making a subtle, yet elegant personal statement. Even the Coca Cola bottle cap cufflinks have an air of elegance to them with, of course, a whimsical flair.

Affordable Fun!

No longer reserved for earls and princes or simply just tuxedos. Cufflinks are affordable, personal and fun! Even the average middle-class gentleman is donning this great substitute for modern day buttons. And the popularity of this fashion statement continues to grow as some vintage cuff links are now becoming highly sought after commodities and collectibles.

Some Great Cuff Link Philosophy

  • No Longer Reserved Just for Tuxedo and Formal Attire
  • Elegance and Personality Plus & Affordable Too!
  • A Universal Must for the Man's Tuxedo
  • A Staple Now for the Well-Dressed Man

And my personal favorite:

  • If the Suit Makes the Man, the Cuff Link Makes the Gentleman!

Cuff Links - Why and When Men Should Wear Them

Globe Cuff Link in Silvertone and Royal Blue
Globe Cuff Link in Silvertone and Royal Blue
Racing Horse Cuff Link with Jockey in Blue Silk and Black Horse
Racing Horse Cuff Link with Jockey in Blue Silk and Black Horse
Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL Cuff Link
Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL Cuff Link

Enamel Cuff Links Are Classy

JFK Cuff Links with Regal Eagle and Blue and Gold
JFK Cuff Links with Regal Eagle and Blue and Gold | Source
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France Cuff Links in White Enamel
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France Cuff Links in White Enamel

A Wonderful Global History

Cuff links have been in existence since the 1600's - can you imagine the 17th century! Originally, men would use ribbons as functional closures. Then with gold and silver they added chains and slipped the ornamental items we now call cuff links through the holes of the clothing to add more status to their attire.

For more detailed information about the history of cuff links, link to the Cuff Link Depot.

Personal Favorites - Links to History or an Event

My personal favorite cuff links are ones linked directly to history or to an event. Iconic symbols of places, sporting events or even a much admired public figure such as JFK.

JFK Cuff Links

The JFK cuff links shown to the right I have actually purchased and given as a gift to my best friend. The price was almost half but that was many years ago.

For those who have read my articles before, you know I follow the JFK history fairly closely so it comes as no surprise that these Presidential cuff links would be my personal favorites.

And yes, men - IF I had my way, I would have Camrose and Kross replicate JFK's cuff links! It is unfair you don't have as many choices for the replica jewelry as women do with Jackie's jewelry.

If you want to indulge in some history about JFK, please feel free to read my article Tribute to John F. Kennedy - Pilgrim of Peace - A Leader for Equal Rights

Cuff Links Linked to Events & Places

I also love cuff links linked to an event - a trip to Paris demands these elegant Eiffel Tower cuff links - don't you think? For Cub fans, the cuff links that depict Wrigley Field is an unforgettable memento.

And of course, Green Bay Packer fans - look at the Lombardi cuff links!

Types of Cufflinks

There are several types of cuff links ranging from formal to whimsical to very affordable to elegant and the height of status:

  • Chain Link Cuff links  Chain link cuff links are linked together by a chain or one or two links.
  • Snap On Cuff links I have never purchased and seem to be difficult. They snap together and I am told they could damage the linen shirt. Something to think about when purchasing.
  • Hinged Back Cuff links These are my personal favorite since they appear to be the most practical. Some very high end cuff links have additional matching decoration on the post that holds the hinges or the swiveling bar.
  • Push-Through Cuff links The vintage cuff links I have purchased typically have this simple but effective design. I always worry about losing this type of cuff link but my best friend seems to be very comfortable with this type and has not reported losing the push-through type. And he wears cuff links 5 days a week!
  • Cuff Links with Matching Stud Sets Often found for tuxedos and more formal events - the cuff link matches the stud set - the stud set is the overlay for the button on the tuxedo shirt.

GQ Rules - Hit the Links

Keep Your Cuff Links in a Box

cuff link box
cuff link box

Cuff Link Storage

Cuff link storage is a must!

Even if your man has only one pair of cuff links, a small wooden box designed specifically for storage makes a wonderful and memorable Christmas gift.

Remember the wooden box will also hold watches and other pieces of value which perhaps he doesn't wear every day.

Formal Wear with Cufflinks Can Be Fun & Sexy Too!

Summary on Cuff Links

Cuff links are classic, cool and sexy too! They are sexy because they send a clear statement about who you are, the person you yourself have created. Cuff links are sexy because they showcase the gentleman's personality.

It is a bold and brave statement to wear cuff links. My mentor always coached me that life is in the details. For women, it is hair, nails, clothes and jewelry. For men, there is no better way to showcase you know that you are someone special by adding a french cuff and a fun or elegant pair of cuff links.

Remember, cuff links don't have to be expensive, they do have to fit you and carry through your brand!

P.S. Remember ladies the pair you buy him he may not wear right away. And even IF he never wears them, he will see and remember your caring. However, I believe in time, he will grow to want to wear the cuff links you bought him.

P.S.S. And yes, ladies you too can wear cuff links.

© 2009 Kelly Kline Burnett


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