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Gold Cufflinks, Solid or Plated; the Gift with the Midas Touch

Updated on December 4, 2012

Gold Cufflinks - a Reassuringly Expensive Gift

Before we get into gold cufflinks, lets take a quick look at gold. Throughout history, gold has always been one of the most valued elements and has been the metal of choice to make coins, jewellery, and works of art.

Legends, myths and stories are packed full of references to gold, from galleons laden with gold bullion to a dragon’s treasure trove or the proverbial goose that laid golden eggs.

Thinking of movies, we have Gold Finger and not forgetting the legend of King Midas who turned everything he touched to gold.

Gold occurs naturally as nuggets or as seams in rock formations. Pure gold is dense but relatively soft and shiny. Its bright yellow colour and its shine or lustre is maintained almost indefinitely without discolouration or tarnishing even when exposed to the atmosphere or water.

This resistance to corrosion is one of the reasons gold is so valuable. It is also an excellent conductor of electricity. These two properties make it a great material for use in electrical connections in equipment such as computers, mobile phones and entertainment systems including TV sets.

Gold Cufflinks
Gold Cufflinks
A Gold Nugget
A Gold Nugget

Types of Gold

Cufflinks first appeared in the 17th century when men got fed up with tying the cuffs of their shirts with laces. The first cufflinks were typically a pair of gold or silver buttons joined with a small chain that held the two cuffs together.

Because of the softness of pure gold, known as 24 carat, it is usually alloyed with base metals such as copper, iron or aluminium, for use in jewelry, altering its hardness and ductility and colour.

These alloys are typically known 22, 18, 14, or 10 carat and have different colours according to their purity and the alloys added.

The higher the proportion of alloy, the lower the carat value. Like other precious metals, gold is measured by troy weight or by grams.

This variation in the colour and purity of Gold coupled with available imaginative designs, creates huge range of gold cufflinks styles and prices.

One of the most sort after variations of gold is known as White Gold. White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one metal that is white in colour, such as nickel or palladium.

The price of gold is determined through trading in the gold and derivatives markets, and a procedure known as the Gold Fixing provides a daily benchmark price for the industry.

The price of gold today is around $1400 per ounce. There is an argument that gold jewellery such as cufflinks could prove an investment if the price of gold rises significantly in the future.

Budget Gold Cufflinks

The most cost-effective way of enjoying the appearance of gold in cufflinks is to buy gold-plated cufflinks. Gold plated items are made of a cheaper metal but have a thin layer of gold on the surface to make them look like gold. Gold plated cufflinks start at as little as $10 or £5 a pair.

More Expensive Gold Cufflinks

If you're prepared to pay more then look for 10 or 14 carat gold. At the top end of the market, you can pay many thousands of pounds (or dollars) for customised designs or limited editions.

Another way of buying something really special is to look out for antique cufflinks rather than modern designs.

Finally you can find specialist websites where each pair of cufflinks is individually crafted from pure gold and a variety of precious stones.

If you want a pair of quality gold cufflinks as a present then why not take a look on the Internet right now. You can select exactly what you want and get it delivered within days. Much easier than combing the jeweller's shops on foot!

Finally, If you are looking for a gift that expresses and symbolises just how much you value a relationship, then there is nothing better than Gold Cufflinks!


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    • Rik Ravado profile image

      Rik Ravado 7 years ago from England

      Thanks for the encouragement Gma!

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      Kelly Kline Burnett 7 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      I think cuff links are sexy! Great Hub - you did a great job! As usual! Glad to be your fan!