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Learn about different types of curtain that will make your home look elegant

Updated on September 25, 2016
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Home is a place for real comfort. It gives us a soothing, comfortable and stress-free environment. Thus, it is important to make our home look good so that we feel relaxed and live in peace.

— Inspired by a Quote from Jane Austen

The way our home interior is designed has a direct impact on our mind and mood. Several surveys have proved that bright colors tend to impact people in a more positive manner than dark colors.

So, generally most of the homes have got their wall painted with bright colors or they have wallpapers in bright colors.

The question arises, what about windows? Do they look good like that, allowing others to peep into our home? Obviously not. So, for this we have curtains that also help us to enhance the beauty of our home.

The curtains are available in various fabrics from silk to cotton and in various colors from black to white.

Which one will be the best for our home, is also quite a big question.But there is nothing to worry about because we have listed down all types of fabric that are used in making curtains which will inform us about the beauty of different types of curtain fabric and help us to select the most suitable one for us. Let us have a look on them:

Polyester Curtain
Polyester Curtain | Source

1. Polyester is well-known and most used: Most of the curtains are generally made of polyester and is preferred by many people. It is very lightweight and easily washable. Fortunately, it does not shrink after washing and gets quickly dried out.

The main advantage of polyester is that it is less expensive and is available in many different colors, design and pattern. Price of polyester curtains depends on the amount of polyester being mixed with the cloth.

Satin Curtain
Satin Curtain | Source

2. Satin gives a royal look to home: If we want our home to have a royal look, then satin is the most preferable option. Satin curtains are available in many different colors and designs. It is best to buy the color that matches with furniture and walls. In fact, using a contrast color also gives an elegant look to the home.

Due to its slippery and smooth nature, it does not shrink after getting washed and also does not require to be ironed. Price of satin curtains is generally doubles the amount of polyester curtains.

Cotton Curtain
Cotton Curtain | Source

3. Cotton for summer: Cotton curtains are most of the people’s first choice. They are quite preferable in the summer season. Thick fabric of cotton is used in making curtains so as to make them resistant to wind. Bright colored cotton curtains look more soothing and elegant than the dark ones.

Despite of its soothing nature, such type of curtains requires extra care and attention. Its beauty can be lost after the first wash and it will demand good ironing to bring it back to the new position. Price of cotton curtains is somewhat near to the price of satin curtains.

Silk Curtain
Silk Curtain | Source

4. Luxurious silk: Silk is, already, quite famous among the fashion designers, for most of their designer clothes are built using this fabric. It is good to know that it is also trending in making curtains as well. Dark blue, maroon, red colored silk curtains look quite elegant, beautiful and mesmerizing.

They are available in lots of varieties. The varieties are Faux silk, Taffeta silk, Dupioni silk, Munnar silk and Tanjore silk. They can be less or quite expensive than satin and cotton curtains depending on the type of silk being used.

Linen Curtain
Linen Curtain | Source

5. Linen brings newness to home: To make the home aromatic and new, linen curtains can be used. Curtains made of linen do not stop sunlight from coming into our home.

Pink, sky blue, light green, white and cream colored curtains are liked by most of the people. Price of linen curtains is little more than all the above mentioned four types.


Besides the selection of fabric, do take care of these points as well:

  • It is recommended to initially wash the silk, cotton and linen fabric before sewing curtains out of them.
  • Attach lining to the main fabric at the time of making the curtains.

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  • Sew the curtains immediately when it tore out.
  • Do iron cotton and silk curtains after washing them. Polyester curtains can be used without ironing them.
  • While selecting the type and color of the curtains, do keep in mind the color of walls, furniture and carpet. It will make it easy for us to select the right color for the curtains.
  • If we are selecting a curtain of two layers, then one fabric must be lighter and another one heavier. For example, with cotton, we can go with the tissue fabric.
  • If sunlight does not enter the room, then we can choose light colored curtains for our windows. Curtains decorated with net, lace or border can be chosen for the arc-shaped windows.
  • We must not forget to measure the length and width of our doors and windows to bring the curtains of exactly the same length and width.

Finally, we know different types of curtain fabric and which will be the most suitable one for us.

Additionally, curtains also come in velvet fabric, but that is just an extension of above mentioned fabrics. Velvet curtains are mainly made of cotton that gives a depth to a color and is quite soft to touch. They come in vintage and luxury style with different colors, the most famous ones are pink, dusty blue, green and red.


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