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Curvy Women Want Plus Sizes That Fit

Updated on January 19, 2017

Plus Size Issues

 I sat down with five other curvy women and asked them to discuss issues in the plus size fashion industry. This group of women, with their different backgrounds, ages and body types, freely discussed their greatest problems when shopping for plus size clothing and plus size styles. The main issue I heard repeatedly was that plus size fashion is “boring” and “ugly”. There seems to be a mentality that plus size clothing is “ugly, shapeless and one-style-fits-all”. Where are the curves?

 While curvy women differ in body shape and size, plus size styles do not. These women complained that arm holes are too wide, stretch jeans continue to stretch, and side seams have no shape. They complained that plus size fashions are out of date, too bland or too wild. They asked for flattering, fun exercise clothing. They demanded pretty bras and underwear. They cried out for clothes that they can feel feminine and beautiful in.

Fashionable Plus Sizes Are Here

Good news, ladies! The plus size fashion industry has heard our cries, “No more ugly, boring and shapeless clothes! We want color! We want style, and we love our curves!” They have heard and they have responded with clothes that flatter and fit. Spring 2011 brings with it color, femininity and shape.

These styles are vibrant. They are bold, and they are not your grandma's wardrobe. If you search online for the latest in plus size fashions, you will find lipstick red dresses, chocolate peasant tops, and faded boyfriend jeans. The trends lean toward casual, vivid and 70's inspired styles, featuring lace, ruffles and empire waists. They are casual and confident. They are feminine and exotic.

Tops and dresses sport patterns from Africa and India, with large, bold designs. Their lines are soft, flowing and loose, yet tailored to enhance the natural beauty of the curve. Accessories are colorful, chunky and fun. Who says curvy girls can't have it all?

And what about bottoms, you ask? From pre-ripped boyfriend jeans to dark, classy trousers, curvy women have had a love affair with denim for decades. Boutiques offer jeans for every body type: wide legs, skinny legs, flare and bootcut. Today's jeans do not just provide comfort, but they make a fashion statement.

Curvy women can sport rhinestones, embroidery, designs and studs. They can dress their jeans up or down. They can wear them out for coffee or out to the club. Plus size stores offer such a variety of jeans, from low-rise to high waist, that it is quite easy to find the right fit and style. Ask any curvy girl, and she will tell you that a good pair of jeans is worth a few extra dollars. Thankfully, curvy girls today can find fashions that flatter for a modest price. All one needs is the click of mouse and a discerning eye.


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