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Cushe - A Buyers Guide

Updated on January 25, 2012

Brand Culture

Cushe was launched in 2004 as a lifestyle brand and was created by a group of footwear designers and lovers. It is a design led footwear brand that reflects a Cushe way of life, to get into the mind-set of the Cushe brand you should be relaxed and adventurous and want to do things your own way at your own pace. The brand has found its own niche and they aim to make something, unique and set apart from the masses. The Cushe brand follows no trend, they want to challenge the boundaries of footwear design rather than following trends set by others. The Cushe ideal of life gives you the freedom to things your own way. Designers have a passion for detail, Cushe boots are so special due to the little things you can and can’t see. They utilise the latest manufacturing techniques and innovative materials so shoes can conform to your foots natural shape supplying you with comfort, protection and stability. The founded of Cushe first decided he wanted to launch a new footwear brand when he was stranded in an airport; he started doodling on an itinerary a potential logo for the brand. This is where the sitting boy logo was born; the thoughtful design was henceforth used on all footwear produced. Cushe has three lifestyle ambassadors for their brand who encapsulate the three product areas of the brand. This is explained best by using the sitting boy logo; the leg of the logo represents the Urban Safari collection and signifies the foundation of the brand which aims to provide footwear for everyday living. The ambassador for this part of the brand is a musician who has the motivation and drive to follow his dreams. The body stands for the Universal Traveller collection and its purpose is to get consumers outside into the outdoors. This section epitomizes the adventurous outsider, in the case a female ski champion who does what she loves every day of her life, the shoes in this collection have a strong emphasise on the importance of durability. The final part of the logo represents the head of the travel and the Costal Supremacy collection. This signifies escapism and the need to travel to that Cushe mind-set. This part of the brand characterises the surfing element of the brand, the ambassador is a surfer what lives the true Cushe lifestyle.

Hot Picks

From the Urban Safari range we love the Boutique Sneak; this trainer style shoe is made from premium leather and suede with canvas counter and has been built on an anatomical last shape for a natural, comfy fit. The lazy boy logo is printed on the side of the shoe in gold metallic leather and the outsole features a unique Cushe story sole grip. Cabin Fever is our favourite shoe from the Universal Traveller collection, the boot is designed with premium full grain leather, premium full grain waterproof leather or Wolverine performance suede. The foot bed is moulded EVA supplying maximum comfort; the outsole is moulded rubber with a unique Cushe moulded knit design. The Coastal Supremacy collection draws inspiration from board sports, surf, skate and coastal living, this line features innovative styles of sandals and sneakers. From this range we love the sandal Sierra which has been constructed from full grain leather, a moulded EVA foot bed for added comfort and cushioning and a floral designed moulded rubber outsole.


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