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Custom Perfume

Updated on October 18, 2010

A custom perfume is one that is made just for you. Everyone's body reacts differently to different scents so if you want the perfect perfume for you then it is a good idea to have a custom scent created for you. Your own perfect custom perfume is one that will marry the essence of your body chemistry with a scent that you love. There are lots of perfumers who are online and who are willing to create custom perfumes for individuals. You can contact them and have your own scent created especially for you.

Just like clothing, no woman wants to be wearing the same perfume as another. That is why custom perfumers are more in demand nowadays. Many women will even order several scents made into their own personalized perfume that they can wear to fit whatever mood they are in that day. For instance, you can order a custom scented that will make you feel romantic, wild or sensuous and exotic, etc. You can even have a custom perfume created for you that will want to keep as your signature scent.

Women who have a custom perfume made for them are indulging themselves in the height of luxury and the ultimate expression of their own unique individuality can be captured this way. When you choose a custom perfume with the exact ingredients that provides your own individual taste and scent. You are in essence you are in expressing the invisible part of you that portrays your beautiful spirit in a scent when you wear custom perfume.

A skillful perfumer will allow you to choose oils and scents that you find enticing. Your custom perfume can also be one that reminds you of a loved one. You'll have many choices when you have a perfumer create a custom perfume for you. Look for one that will spend the necessary time to help you decide on the perfect scent for your own personalized custom perfume. You'll be glad you did, especially with all the compliments you'll be getting about what a nice perfume you are wearing from your friends and loved ones.


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    • Guru-C profile image

      Cory Zacharia 7 years ago

      Oh! I would love to receive a custom perfume. If I were creating one for myself, I think if would include lilac, to remind me of the bush in my grandmother's front yard, rose, to make me think of gift from my husband, violet, because I love the color, vetiver, which reminds me of antique bookstores, sandalwood, for its exotic note, a touch of cinnamon and clove, for their warmth... Let's see how all that blends together.