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Custom DIY Shorts! Revamping your old jeans into something new and trendy.

Updated on May 4, 2013

Examples of this cool trend

My own take at this new trend! I think I did a pretty good job for my first try at it. It cost under $10 to make these beauties ;)
My own take at this new trend! I think I did a pretty good job for my first try at it. It cost under $10 to make these beauties ;) | Source
Examples studded/patchwork styles.
Examples studded/patchwork styles. | Source
Examples of studded/dip dye styles.
Examples of studded/dip dye styles. | Source

DIY shorts in or out? Are they really worth a try?

There has been quite a recent trend in the fashion world called Do It Yourself shorts (DIY,) when people will take an old pair of jeans and revamp them into something new and stylish. People are now finding their inner fashion designer and making and re-selling them to make a profit. They are very popular on mobile apps and websites such as,, as well as you will find many videos on These shorts usually start selling for a whopping $25.00-$60.00! Crazy you may say, but people do have a love for fashion and especially one of a kind items.

People make these shorts by taking old jeans and making enhancements to them such as cutting, distressing, studding, dip dying, painting, bleaching, and adding fabric onto them.

  1. Cutting and Distressing - when it comes to cutting all people do is cut them into a shorter style and when distressing your making holes and tears to give a trendy grudge look, both of which can be done with a pair of scissors and put into a washing machine and dryer to finish the process.
  2. Studding - For studding it's quite simple. You would take these studs or spikes that are called pyramids, they do also come in different styles such as skulls and such, but they are just like the ones on those studded belts you see. All you do is stick them in the jeans and fold over their tiny clasps and presto there done!
  3. Dip dying and Bleaching - Both of these are almost the same process. You will need a bucket to dip the shorts, a toothbrush to spread the dye or the bleach, and lastly somewhere to dry and wash the shorts when done. It's pretty self explanatory and easy if you ever tie dyed or bleached something. You just dip the shorts in the dye or bleach in a bucket and spread with a toothbrush.
  4. Painting and Adding Fabric - This is another process which is also self explanatory. You paint the designs you want on the shorts such as an American flag or maybe even a galaxy print. It's really whatever floats your boat and by how good your painting skills are.The same goes for adding fabric onto the shorts. All you do is pick your favorite kind of pattern and cut it according to how you would want it on the shorts. I suggest to use a pen or light colored marker to get the perfect cut. Lastly all you do is sew it on the shorts with a thread that blends with the pattern you chose. You can sew it either by hand or machine, whatever your preference may be.

So as a test, I decided to go ahead and challenge myself to make a pair of these shorts and list them on I wasn't expecting to get much out of it until I found out that they had sold within six days, which is the length I held my auction for. Now I know what you guys are thinking, well how much did they sell for? Well let's start with how much it cost to make them first.

It cost me about $8.00 to make my pair of shorts. I found a pair of vintage Red Label Levi's at my local Goodwill for $5.99, and some fabric on clearance at Walmart for around $2.00. I think that's pretty cheap if you ask me. Well within a few hours I got the shorts made, and might I add, I did sew them by hand. So now time for the big reveal. After posting these shorts and selling them in a six day auction I had a bidder pay $33.00 for the shorts that only cost me $8.00 to make! I have you know I was in shock after this because I doubted them even selling, and they had more than five bidders. So all in all deducting how much I spent and how much they were purchased for I made a total profit of $25.00. Now I want you guys tell me if you don't think it's worth a try, because I'm glad I did. Below I have inserted a video for you guys to watch on how to cut your jeans. Hope you guys enjoyed my article, thanks for reading!

A short how to video! (do not own rights to this video but she did a great job!)

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      Cute shorts!