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Custom-made Wedding Jewelry for You

Updated on October 16, 2010

Choosing wedding jewelry can be a little exciting and exhilarating, too, since there are so many options available. The great obstacles in finding the right one may lie on budget, the kind of the wedding dress or the kind of jewelry that you are picturing to wear. But being the detail-oriented bride that you are, you cannot just walk down that aisle with bare ears and neck. You must find that perfect wedding jewelry… and soon.

If you have rummaged through all jewelry shops, department stores and online jewelry stores, and still can’t find the right ones, you might as well consider having your wedding jewelry custom-made.

Custom-made jewelry is an open choice for brides and grooms who are a little wide on their budget, and at the same time, particular about what jewelry to wear on that special day. Items that may be custom made include earrings, necklaces, tiaras, bracelets, and even the wedding ring, itself. So here are some reasons why you might want to just have custom jewelry made, instead of mobbing the shops for items that you like.

Custom-made wedding ring
Custom-made wedding ring
  1. Although it can be pricey, you can have some made according to your budget. This means that if you have a certain budget, they will make you items that will fit in it. So if you have a low one, you must expect items that are not so flashy, but are yours for the taking.
  2. You can conceptualize your own designs. You may conceptualize a design together with you jeweler, making your wedding jewelry items really your idea.
  3. You can have your ring engraved. Engraved wedding rings are becoming trendy as they may hold inscriptions of you and your husband’s names, making it out rightly special.
  4. You may choose the material that you like.  So all you have to do is let the jeweler know what material to use, and he will get right on with it. This is specially helpful if you have certain material allergies.

Custom-made wedding jewelry can be exciting must-do’s in your wedding preparation itinerary. Also, it saves you the effort of going to every jewelry store and looking through various items that may not even be to your liking.


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